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Web Video: Gargoyles Abridged
"Long ago lived the time of quality broadcasting, when staying up late on Friday and getting up early of staturday was rewarded with three dimensional characters and fully emersable plots. These were the days of my kind.
But before long our time was forgotten. Our creators abandoning us after only three two seasons.
But now, here on YouTube, our storyline has been reimagined! We LIVE AGAIN!
We are the defenders of Late Night Television, and Saturday Morning Cartoons. We! Are! GARGOYLES!"
Goliath, the Abridged Series Promo.

In 2009, Hbi2k made a contest: Made the first episode in an Abridged Series for shows that havn't been made yet, ones whose name's start with the Letter G and do it in a week. Many wannabe abridgers like EvilChicken25 answered the call, but the winner was... Not this show. Still, Gargoyles came in third, and EvilChicken decided to keep going.


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alternative title(s): Gargoyles Abridged
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