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The final movie in the franchise will be called "The Last of the Furious"
  • Because why not?
  • Perhaps written in all caps with the I and O in "FURIOUS" replaced by a 1 and a 0?
  • Fasten the Furious.

Either Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan will turn up either as Deckard Shaw's Dragon or a Bigger Bad.
  • Given the casting announcement it will be more likely Tony Jaa will be Deckard Shaw's Dragon, with Kurt Russell being the possible Bigger Bad
    • Jossed and jossed. Tony Jaa 's character works for a mercenary company that Torreto and company cross paths with. Kurt Russel's character is an ally of the good guys.

Deckard Shaw was behind Johnny Tran.

Brian will be killed off in 7
  • Given Paul Walker's untimely death, and because he was still in the middle of filming, it may be rewritten to have him killed off. Not to mention that Deckard Shaw's hunting them and he's already gotten Han, who would be next?
    • At least partially jossed, as while Brian is being written off, he'll be retired, not dead.

8 and 9 will be about Sean.

Sean and a cousin of Brian's (played by Paul's brother) earning their way in Toretto's crew (or whatever's left of them after 7, depending on how much of his way Deckard has) will be a significant side plot with 8 and 9.

Deckard Shaw had someone on the CIA feeding him intel
  • Deckard had enough knowledge about the plan to rescue Ramsey that he was able to ambush their ambush. It is absolutely impossible that he could've done that without someone in the CIA briefing him on the team's demented plan.
    • Seconded. Chances are this same person will also help him escape from the high security prison he is in by the end of the seventh movie, too, as it's obviously set to be a Sequel Hook.

Brian will be mentioned or have a brief cameo (as The Other Darrin) in the sequel(s).
A member of the team might try to call Brian for information, but Mia got the phone saying that Brian is playing with their child. We'll likely see him in the background with his back facing us since he'll be played by another actor. This would be the only scene Brian and Mia will appear in, much like the same way Al from Die Hard appearing in Die Hard 2 and Captain Diel from Rush Hour appearing in a deleted scene of Rush Hour 2.

The films take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mama Shaw
will personally kill Cipher herself in either 9 or 10. Cipher was the reason for Owen's involvement in 6, and Mama Shaw likely has a personal vendetta against the woman now that she has learned about her. This could also be an interesting allusion to The Italian Job, a film that starred both Charlize and Jason. In that one, the Edward Norton villain was dragged off to be killed by another dangerous character due to crossing him. Cipher's death scene will mirror this as a bit of a knowing wink to the audience. Fitting also in the fact, that both Fate and Italian Job are directed by the same man.

Magic exists, but no one knows about it and can only be channeled in specific ways for those who use it. Dom and the others can channel magic through cars.
How else can they defy the laws of physics and prove to be completely unstoppable whenever they are behind the wheel?

Little Nobody is Andrew Foster from the 2017 movie Overdrive before he became an agent.
  • He's played by Scott Eastwood, he has driving skills and was in a situation not unlike something you would see in the Fast and Furious franchise. He even wanted to retire as a thief for priceless classic cars.

Fast & Furious 9 would address Han.
Many fans seemed unhappy that the team would let Deckard eat with them because he was the one who killed Han and they even do the whole #JusticeForHan thing! F. Gary Gray support #JusticeForHan and both Vin Diesel & Chris Morgan say they're NOT done with Han.
  • I predict that in the next films, everyone is still going to be uneasy about Deckard and he won't be execpted as part of the "family".

If they make a F&F movie IN SPACE!...
...Don would meet his long lost twin brother, Richard B. Riddick.

Dom's Charger is protected by his late father's spirit.

Think about it— every time Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger R/T gets f-ed up, it comes back in the next film back to normal (Seriously; it was blown up in a tunnel and yet it returned in mint condition at the end of the fourth film). And every time Dom gets a into a crash in his Charger (or any Charger, like the way one used to pull the vault in the fifth film, the one modified for off-road, and the Ice Charger) he escapes 95% percent of the time unscathed.

Brian will be mentioned in the Universal Studios Florida version of the Supercharged ride.
With Mia set to appear, it's possible that she might be helping out the team in his place while he continues his retirement with their kids. Maybe even commenting at the end of the ride that she's off to go back to them.