WMG: The Fast and the Furious

Either Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan will turn up either as Ian Shaw's Dragon or a Bigger Bad.
Ian Shaw was behind Johnny Tran.

Brian will be killed off in 7
  • Given Paul Walker's untimely death, and because he was still in the middle of filming, it may be rewritten to have him killed off. Not to mention that Ian Shaw's hunting them and he's already gotten Han, who would be next?
    • At least partially jossed, as while Brian is being written off, he'll be retired, not dead.

8 and 9 will be about Sean.

Sean and a cousin of Brian's (played by Paul's brother) earning their way in Toretto's crew (or whatever's left of them after 7, depending on how much of his way Ian has) will be a significant side plot with 8 and 9.
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