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Headscratchers: The Fast and the Furious
  • In Fast Five, Tej tells Rome how he would like to start a garage with his $11 million share of the take, because he always wanted a place where people could come get their cars fixed up without getting ripped off. However, in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tej already had a garage. It was even called "Tej's Garage." That's how Brian and Rome were able to get their police-issued cars checked out and their trophy Mustangs modified. Why would Tej decide he needed a new garage, even before Mia and Brian announced they had all landed on the Most Wanted list?
    • That garage was used for a giant car swarm that ended in Brian and Rome escaping a rather large police pursuit (and Tej and Suki getting stopped/arrested). The cops probably confiscated the property, hence, Tej has no more garage.
    • Their trophy Mustangs were not Mustangs. The only Mustang in the movie was run over by a semi. The cars they won were a Camaro and Challenger respectively. Both were pony cars however, which was a term coined when the Mustang was created.
  • Another one for Tej. When Dom says they're stealing $100 mil, Tej immediately calculates individual shares of $11 mil for each of 8 team members. Anyone who's ever owned his own business should be able to do basic arithmetic: 100/8=12.5 100/9=11. Why was he calculating for a ninth team member he had no way of knowing was going to be involved?
    • A simple case of doing the math wrong in his head or maybe he took into account various expenses that might come up during the planning?
      • And a room full of career criminals didn't question his numbers? You don't make that kind of book-keeping leap in logic without a little bit of explanation when you're talking in the millions, unless you want to be accused of skimming off the top. They used the same number throughout the whole movie even after some of it was burned and a new member added to the team and nobody said "Wait, how much do we get now?". Academically, I know that they just wanted to keep the numbers simple so as not to confuse the audience, but did they really have to assume that we can't multiply single-digit numbers by 11? I'm slightly offended.
      • I think you are confusing gear heads for mafia types. Criminals yes, math wizards, maybe not. I am not saying any of them are stupid, I just don't think they were concentrating on the numbers. He could have just as easily said "Over ten million each" and we [the audience] would have got the point, though.
      • There are nine members however. Brian, Dom, Mia, Han, Roman, Tej, Gisele, Tego and Rico (the two guys who break into the police station). So Tej's calculations weren't wrong after all.
      • And as for them not questioning Vince's cut, I always just assumed that Dom was splitting his share with Vince.
  • So, in Fast Five, why does no one call attention to the fact they killed half of Rio with that safe?
    • Hobbs calls them out on it before he gives them the 24 hours.
      • Half of Rio is a bit of an exaggeration. It weren't that many people who got hit by the safe, and most of them were dirty cops.
      • Also, watching it back, you can see that only the front part of the cars get smashed; the roofs never cave in and they're never fully flattened. This way, it can technically be interpreted that the driver's survive. The same applies for 6.
  • At the end of Fast Five, as Dom and Brian are driving across the highway and away from the cops, Brian says they won't make and that they should drop the safe to run. Dom disagrees, cuts Brian's line on the safe, and attempts to sacrifice himself so Brian can get away. Um...Why? Not five minutes later it is revealed that Dom (and Brian) knew that the safe they were carrying was empty. Why sacrifice himself if there was nothing to lose by dropping the safe, especially if (as Brian suggests) the safe was the only thing slowing them down enough to be caught?
    • It was more about taking out the drug lord that had just a few scenes ago killed Dom's childhood friend once the money was already secured.
  • YMMV on this one but how exactly did Dom beat Hobbs in their fight at Dom's hideout? Dwayne Johnson looks to about 2 times Vin Diesel's size and even though that doesn't necessarily translate to more power, in-story Hobbs is a trained military agent when Dom is just a street thug. It doesn't make any sense.
    • Perhaps Hobbs was holding back. He did need Dom alive, after all.
    • There are some people who are just really good at fighting. It's not training, it's just natural talent. Combine that with Dom's physical power and the fact that he was on one hell of an adrenaline rush at the time and even a trained combatant is going to have difficulty with that fight. To be fair, it really could have gone either way.
      • WRT to this, training comes in many forms. Hobbs may be a trained agent, but Dom may have been in dozens or hundreds of street fights.
  • In Fast Five, why did the gang burn Reyes' money instead of taking it? They could accomplish the exact same end result (getting Reyes spooked enough to move all his money) and end up with an extra ten million or so.
    • Not necessarily. If they only took the money, then they're only thieves in Reyes' eyes. By burning the money, they're making a more direct (and personal) challenge, which makes Reyes that much more cautious.
  • In Fast and Furious 6, it's shown that Fenix avoided shooting Letty at the last second, instead making her car explode. But why? It can't because he's squeamish. He had no problem shooting people in the face before.
    • Probably For the Evulz. He also seemed to be somewhat impressed by her Defiant to the End struggle, so he decided to try blowing her up. He did comment that he could only remember "her face burning", so maybe he was trying to set her on fire?
  • Just how long would that runway have to be in the climax of Fast and Furious 6 anyway? I'm thinking we're somewhere in the range of at least 20 miles...
    • Based on people's calculations, about 28-29 miles. For reference, the longest paved runway in the world is 3.42 miles long, and the longest partially unpaved runway in the world is 7.5 miles long.
  • If the rumor of the interquels being so that Han can appear more often is true, then why don't they just have him come back in a sort of Back from the Dead cop out like they do for most movies?
    • Because the audience has physically seen Han's car blow up with him inside on two occasions (his actual death in Tokyo Drift and the Stinger of Fast Six). They managed to get away with faking Letty's death as it was never fully shown on-screen; only Dom's interpretation of it.
      • Speaking of which, different troper here, I've got a question about the interpolation between the two versions of the scene showing Han's death. Watching combo posts on YouTube I feel like it was generally done well, and I get that the necklace that Dom gave Letty gave Owen Shaw gave Ian Shaw threw on the ground next to Han was most likely caught in the explosion and that's why it's never seen again. The question is this, though: wouldn't Sean and others have seen Ian walking out of that car the way he did? If so, why doesn't the fact that Han was not only killed, but clearly murdered by a businesslike bald guy, get addressed at all through the rest of Tokyo Drift?
  • Why are there so few headscratchers on the first four movies? I do not have any questions of my own since I just treat it as a cool action movie series, but why the focus on only 5 and 6? The rest were FULL of potential headscratchers... I love reading them, so this is a serious question. Why no questions about events and scenes in those movies?
    • Probably because they're so old and don't have the dedicated tropers raising headscratchers about them.
  • In Tokyo Drift, how is it that Sean is a gearhead completely oblivious to the idea of drifting? Is he the type that only practices his love of cars in the garage and on the street, but never picks up a magazine about cars? Not being able to drift is one thing, but confusion as to what the word means at all is quite another.
    • Since he was a fan of home-built, grassroots American muscle at the start of the movie, it's kind of understandable that the idea of drifting would be alien to him, as drift cars are typically always imports; back when the movie was released, using a muscle car which had been set up for drift was very, very uncommon. Even so, most car enthusiasts, barring those who hate any and everything outside of their preferred car choices (which can't be true for Sean, as he only makes a small quip about the imports being 'cute little toys' in comparison), do at the very least acknowledge certain types of motorsport popular with certain cars. It seems his confusion was to have a way to show off drifting in a good way for people who didn't know what drifting was, as well as making Sean's poor performance more credible.
  • In Furious 6, why doesn't Shaw just stop the tank and pick the crew off one by one? Can't be because he needs to be caught so he can get the doomsday weapon, 'cause he could probably get it himself with the tank.
    • Because a tank isn't a precision weapon, so the crew has speed and mobility on their side to avoid the shots until they get out of range. Plus if he stops the tank it gives NATO more time to get ahead of him with anti-armour weapons. Since the tank itself is just to protect the chip within it his original plan would have been to make a detour after hijacking the convoy and vanishing. When he had to resort to using the tank he's still in a tank and pretty much has right of way and the tank has been modified to go twice as fast as a regular one, although wether or not he could have made it to whatever his destination was before NATO got air support out is another question entirely.
  • Why does Han (and the crew) immediately assume Giselle dies when she falls off? Couldn't they have considered the fact that she would have been grievously wounded yet relatively alive?
    • Because she fell from a car going at close to it's max speed. Even if she survived the impact (which would be no easy feet considering the amount of momentum involved) she would be dead before anyone could get to her. People have died from being punched and their head hitting the concrete, falling off a car going at over 100 miles an hour would crack your skull wide up the second your head hit the ground.
  • In part 6, when Riley fights Letty at the subway station, why does Riley legitimately try to beat the crap out of then arrest Letty if they're both working for Shaw? None of the rest of Dom's team was there, so she could have easily let Letty get away, then tell the rest of the team that Letty was able to escape. That way, her status as The Mole still wouldn't be revealed, and you also wouldn't potentially have part of Shaw's team in Hobbs' custody.
    • She was putting on a show in front of a lot of witnesses, earning a few injuries in the process. Had she just let Letty leave there's always the chance that someone in the subway might tweet about it, or Dom's team could have gotten access to the subway cameras and found out that way. Plus Letty might find it strange that her pursuer was rather half-hearted about it, always the risk of her figuring it out.
  • How is the Rio police force able to afford all those Chargers in Fast Five? Reyes' money, maybe?
    • Chargers aren't really expensive cars, otherwise they wouldn't be commonly used by police in North America.
    • Whilst they aren't expensive to American police forces, in reality they use locally built Volkswagens instead to get around high import taxes for new cars. The reason they have Chargers in Fast Five is basically down to product placement, looking good on screen, and being a realistic enough vehicle to suit the plot.
  • The whole finale in 6 makes no sense whatsoever.
    • They know Shaw needs this macguffin chip and they know which one he's looking to steal. So they try to drive it out? There was an enormous runway at the exact same base, why didn't they just fly the damn thing out? Shaw would have been completely screwed. It could have been justified if the team was using the convoy to bait Shaw into a trap, or if the "drive it" plan was suggested by The Mole, but it was apparently neither.
      • Shaw's resourceful and always been one step ahead. Flying it out might have always been the default plan, but they tried to be Genre Savvy and used the plan after that. Alternatively they needed it gone now; you cannot prep a plane and get it airborne in a hurry without cutting a lot of corners designed to stop horrible accidents from occurring, helicopters are slower and can be shot down by someone with either the right equipment or enough skill (both of which Shaw has an abundance of), and boats run into similar problems. There really is no other choice but to either keep the chip there and hope whatever plan he has cooked up fails or try and drive it out of there before he knows what's happening.
    • What was the point of the tank, In-Universe? It wasn't manned, it wasn't even deployed, it was in a trailer. Since the chip is apparently small enough to be carried by hand, all adding the tank did was slow down the convoy because they needed to tow a tank.
      • As a last ditch effort they could take the chip into the tank and lock the hatch. A bigger question would be why this wasn't the plan to begin with; sure Shaw could eventually cut the hatch open, but someone would be in the tank to drive around and stall until backup arrived.
    • How exactly was Shaw planning to escape? That plane he was taking off was a C-5 Galaxy, which is fast but not that fast. The NATO commander was more than willing to sacrifice Mia to stop Shaw from escaping (and Shaw knew this), so what would stop him from blowing the plane out of the sky the second it was away from a populated area?
      • Presumably the plan was to keep flying over populated areas and bail in mid-flight. With the chip in a case all you'd need would be some parachutes or a long enough stretch of road to land again and bail out in one of the many cars kept in the loading bay, presumably to another safehouse to swap cars and lose the heat.
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