Heartwarming: The Fast and the Furious

Fast Five

  • The team congratulating Brian and Mia on their expected child, in particular Dom hugging Brian and Mia.
  • Dom talking fondly about his father to Brian and after Brian explains that he can't remember anything about his, Dom tells Brian he'll be a good dad.
  • Vince's last words to Dom about his son Nico. They named him after Dominic.

The Fast and The Furious Part 6

  • "You don't turn your back on family, even when they turn their back on you."
  • Dom and Letty's reunion, from Dom jumping to save her from falling (which also doubles as a CMOA) to them talking at the barbecue at the end.
  • Hobbs coming to respect Dom so much that he held a Spanish Commander at gunpoint to force the release of Shaw to protect Toretto's little sister, held hostage by Shaw's goons.
  • Brian and Mia comforting Han as the latter weeps Manly Tears for the death of Gisele, right after seeing Dom come out alive at the conclusion of the fight with Shaw. Mia notices that Gisele is missing, asks Han "Where's Gisele?" twice. She immediately understands the answer from Han's radio silence and goes to hug him. Brian quickly follows suit, wrapping Han in a brotherly embrace.
  • Dom and Hobbs' farewell to each other.
    Dom: Not bad for a cop.
    Hobbs: I'd never thought I'd trust a criminal. Till next time, Toretto.
    Dom: Yeah, till next time.
  • Han makes the decision that he's going to Tokyo, stating that it's something he's gotta do. He and Gisele constantly talked about going to Tokyo before she died, meaning this is his way of honoring her memory. Following this, Tej and Roman promptly pledge to Han that they have his back if he ever needs them.
  • The ending for Fast 6 with Brian, Dom and Mia finally getting to return to L.A. together and have a barbeque with the team (including Letty). Bonus points for Brian casually making Roman say grace for taking a first bite and neither Dom nor Mia complaining about how they should do it, with this presumably being their first table meal since returning to the family home.
  • In short, rescuing Letty and reuniting her with Dom may have been the focus of the movie from an emotional standpoint, but we see plenty of evidence that all the crew members are family to each other.

The Fast and The Furious 7

  • A meta Heartwarming Moment: after Paul Walker's tragic death, the film's completion was in doubt. However, it has been announced that not only is the film going to be completed and dedicated to his memory, but Walker's character will be written out and given a happy ending.