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All the babysitters are Haruhi-like gods.
And all of Stoneybrook is in on it, hence why they tend to let their lives revolve around the club, and indulge them in their beliefs, such as the girls believing they're still thirteen, even though years passed and they physically aged. (Seriously, some of those covers? They look sixteen, seventeen.)
  • Which is funny because Karen is an Eldritch Abomination, and everyone, including the babysitters, keep her happy so she doesn't destroy Stoneybrook.

Patrick Thomas is not David Michael's biological father.
Patrick left right after David Michael was born. While Charlie, Sam, and Kristy are all relatively close in age, David Michael was a bit of a latecomer. Finally, David Michael didn't get an invite to Patrick's wedding in the Friends Forever spin-off, while his siblings did.
  • One fanfic suggested that Richard Spier fathered David Michael.
  • Whether he is or not, I wonder if the reason Patrick and Elizabeth's marriage fell apart is because Patrick was convinced that David Michael wasn't his. There's never any reason given for why they split up, other than that Patrick is a massive flake, but if he suspected (correctly or otherwise) that Elizabeth was cheating then that could account for his walking out.

Watson is Emily Michelle's biological father.
The whole adoption was a little fishy. It happened much more quickly than international adoptions usually do, there was no home visit from a social worker or anything, no visits by Watson and Elizabeth to Vietnam, just a "oh by the way, we're putting the kid on a plane like she's so much cargo." This all might make more sense if Emily was the result of an "indiscretion" on an Asian business trip, and Watson wasn't "adopting" her so much as he was providing the evidence for his paternity (at which point, since she's his kid, it's presumably much easier to claim her than it would be to adopt).

Stacey's diabetes stands for HIV.
A life-threatening disease which made Stacey lose a lot of friends and have people scared to talk to her because they're afraid that they will catch it. The series started in the late 80s.

Claudia has dyslexia and possibly other learning issues.

Her spelling is atrocious, as all her notebook and journal entries show. But, she has also had significant trouble in all school subjects for most of her educational career, to the point that she had to repeat seventh grade during a few books, but was then bumped back to eighth. It's extremely possible that she has dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or some combination of these and/or other learning issues. In fact, in Claudia's Book, an entire chapter is dedicated to the fact that Claudia did especially poorly in fourth grade. It was suggested that she be tested for learning disabilities but for some reason, the Kishis did not have this done. Instead, Claudia transferred to an alternative school, where she did much better, but eventually transferred back to her old elementary school to be with her friends.

As to why the Kishis did not have Claudia tested, several theories come to mind. During Claudia's Book, Mrs. Kishi tells her daughter that "it is not worth sacrificing your happiness...for scholastic achievement." Perhaps the Kishis allowed this philosophy to blind them to a real issue. A darker theory would be that John and Rioko Kishi simply gave up on Claudia's ability to succeed in school, choosing instead to focus energy on Janine while avoiding blatant Parental Favoritism in other areas.