Heartwarming / The Baby-Sitters Club

  • When Kristy's stepfather (of whom she was once very resentful) has a heart attack, she tells the 911 operator that "Something is wrong with my father!" It just shows how much Kristy has come to accept Watson as more than just a stepfather, but also a beloved member of her family.
    • It goes the other way, too—throughout the series, Watson rarely refers to Kristy as "my stepdaughter." Even when he's writing to a relative of his, he refers to her as "my daughter."
  • Byron finally deciding to befriend Nicky in a later book.
  • When Claudia is accused of cheating on a math test, her parents say that they would "like to believe" her when she says that she's innocent. Her older sister Janine, however, says, "I do believe you," and is so vehement in her defense of Claudia that she makes their parents ashamed of the fact that they had ever doubted her.
    • Doubly heartwarming is the fact that the reason she knows Claudia didn't cheat is because she went out of her way to help Claudia study for the test and, at the beginning of the book, was seen praising her little sister warmly at her successes on the practice test.
  • Janine again: When Claudia wins a contest to host a radio program for a few weeks, her parents ask her questions like "Will this interfere with your schoolwork?" (legit) and "Will you be paid?" (not legit) Janine? Runs to the kitchen for champagne glasses and sparkling cider.
    "A toast to Claudia, the first media celebrity in the family!"
  • There is a very touching moment at the end of Boy-Crazy Stacey, when the girls have returned from their various two-week vacations. Stacey and Mary Anne have been away in Sea City with the Pike family, and Stacey is dying to call Claudia and tell her about getting her first kiss. But she forces herself to hold off and call Mary Anne, who went on her first date during the time away, because she thinks Mary Anne may need her more.
  • In the first book, Kristy bonding with Karen and Andrew, who she had initially wanted nothing to do with before getting to know them.
  • In Jessi's Secret Language, Jessi is babysitting for Matt Braddock, who is deaf. She introduces Matt to the neighborhood kids, and they start playing baseball. During an argument about a play, Jessi notices that the kids are arguing verbally, and is about to remind them to sign as well so that Matt can follow along, but before she can, the kids themselves back up and start the argument over again, this time with sign language. Later on, Jessi observes that they've stopped talking entirely, and are just signing instead along with Matt.
  • Richard Spier and Jeff Schafer trying to get along after Richard marries Dawn and Jeff's mom. Richard is terrified of dealing with him because he's only raised a very girly daughter, while Jeff is wary of him because, hey, he's met Mary Anne. Jeff, who is sporty and extremely irreverent and jokey, mostly sticks to calling Richard "sir," which they both know is awkward and not right. They finally start bonding shortly before Jeff leaves to go back to California, when Richard leads Jeff and his friends in singing every song about California known to man.
    • During a later visit, Jeff greets his Connecticut family with a particularly bad joke, not even giving Richard a chance to finish his logical deduction of the answer. Richard acknowledges he wouldn't have got it, and proceeds to tell Jeff about a knock-knock joke he heard at the office, leading to the two of them wandering off in their own little world.
  • At the end of the first book, Stacey confesses: all those trips to New York City, and all the secrets, were due to the fact she has diabetes. She then tells of being ostracized at her old school and how her parents decided to move to Stoneybrook (because it was less stressful). The club members just accept her and Kristy tells her the news isn't a big deal, her own cousin has diabetes and she understands what Stacey has to contend with; they'll make sure to keep something on hand for her to eat.
  • In Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic, Kristy asks her mom (who was Mary Anne's parents' neighbor at the time) about Mary Anne being sent to live with her grandparents for a time after her mother's death. Elizabeth Brewer recalls that Richard Spier did it because he was overwhelmed by grief, and was overjoyed when he got Mary Anne back. She ran into him pushing her in her stroller, proud as a peacock, asking her, "Look at my baby girl. Isn't she beautiful?"
    • Kristy's mom even notes that the late Mrs. Spier welcomed them to the neighborhood with a homemade cake. After Kristy recounts the details to Mary Anne, Mary Anne promises that she'll look for the recipe to make one as a token of gratitude.
  • In The Truth About Stacey, all of the reconciliations we see are adorable, as is how dedicated the girls are to the kids they sit for.
  • In one of the memory books, Claudia talks about how when she was in elementary school, they were assigned an art project in which they were supposed to draw a picture of themselves the way they see themselves. The teacher gave absolutely no guidelines beyond that, so Claudia - being very artistic and a free spirit - drew a butterfly. The teacher and several of her classmates ridiculed her piece, to the point where she went home in tears. Mimi, upon hearing the story, immediately walked her back to the school, found the teacher, and gave her the gentlest but firmest telling-off anyone could ever get. "Claudia sees herself as a free spirit, like a butterfly. So that is what she drew." The teacher later apologized, but by that point Claudia didn't even care; the thing that mattered was that Mimi understood her.
  • Another memory book has Mary Anne recalling how, when the class was assigned to make Mother's Day cards, she made one for her father. Kristy made a point of getting in Alan Gray's face when he made fun of Mary Anne for it. In his defense, Alan didn't know that Mary Anne's mother was dead, but that didn't take away from Kristy defending her best friend.
    • Alan also makes a point of apologizing immediately after Kristy tells him off.