Funny / The Baby-Sitters Club

  • Mallory's dad has lost his job and over the phone, Mallory worries about her family and asks Jessi to let Mal lean on her, since she has all her siblings leaning on her. Jessi's reply is something like, "Boy, if they lean on you, and you lean on me, I might fall over."
  • Stacey: "Charlotte will never be Mozart but who cares? He had bad hair!"
  • In #56, Claudia tells Jackie to use his common sense and flatter the audience, and Jackie says "I think I was born without common sense."
  • Sweater-pants!
  • At her first dance with Logan, Mary Anne doing a kick while she dances and flinging her shoe way across the gym.
  • Janine mentions she knows about Claudia hiding books from the Nancy Drew "serial" in her room and assures her she won't tell their parents, who have forbidden them. Claudia mentally says that she does indeed hide food in her room, but not cereal.
  • Mary Anne's "apology" notes to the others in Mary Anne Saves the Day, but especially-
    “Dear Kristy, I’m sorry you’re the biggest, bossiest know-it-all in the world, but what can I do about it? Have you considered seeking professional help?”
    After she reads them, she concludes that she must still be angry.
  • While it's mostly a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, Kristy's statement of "That's all?" about The Reveal of Stacey's diabetes and Stacey's befuddlement at Kristy's theory of Stacey having an eating disorder is worth a giggle or two.
  • Kristy attempting to walk in heels at a school dance, but giving up about five minutes later and throwing her shoes across the room.
  • When hosting a concert given by the various neighborhood kids, Jackie opens with "A funny thing happened to me on my way over to this back yard ..." An unimpressed Kristy says, "Who does he think he is, Johnny Carson?!"
    • "Greetings, Lysol and germs!"
  • In Kristy's Worst Idea, the seven regular club members plus Logan and Shannon are at Claudia's house to discuss reforming the club. Claudia's sister, Janine, just stands there in the doorway to complain about the noise and needing new earplugs.
  • In Here Comes the Bridesmaids, Shannon tries to get the sitters to sing Christmas Carols, but Mallory insists she can't sing. Shannon thus makes it her mission to convince Mallory she can sing, only for Mallory to start deliberately butchering the song.
    Mal: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire/Jack Frost nipping off your nose...
    Shannon: At, Mal, at your nose!
    Mal: They know that Santa's on his way/He's got lots of poison goodies in his sleigh...
    Shannon: Okay, I take it back. You can't sing.
  • In Jessi and the Secret Language, Jessi is practicing the sign language speech she'll give to Matt Braddock's classmates, and asks Matt's mother how to sign something... only realize half a second later that that's not something you should ask someone who is driving.
    Mrs. Braddock: I'll demonstrate at the next light.
  • This exchange between Jessi and Mallory in the movie about the money Kristy's camp idea will rake in.
    "We can almost buy a car!"
    "Yeah. And in five years, we can drive it!"
  • In a book where the sitters have organized a giant sleepover to reward the kids who helped with a fundraiser for a school that had burned down, Mary Anne has been tasked with setting up the music. Dawn, the POV character, starts to address the kids when suddenly "Who Built The Ark?" starts blaring from the speakers at top volume, startling everyone in the room. After it turns off, Mary Anne meekly says "It works...", prompting a kid to snark, "No kidding."