Funny / The Baby-Sitters Club

  • Mallory's dad has lost his job and over the phone, Mallory worries about her family and asks Jessi let Mal lean on her, since she has all her siblings leaning on her. Jessi's reply is something like, "Boy, if they lean on you, and you lean on me, I might fall over."
  • Stacey: "Charlotte will never be Mozart but who cares? He had bad hair!"
  • In #56, Claudia tells Jackie to use his common sense and flatter the audience, and Jackie says "I think I was born without common sense."
  • Sweater-pants!
  • At her first dance with Logan, Mary Anne doing a kick while she dances and flinging her shoe way across the gym.
  • Janine mentions she knows about Claudia hiding books from the Nancy Drew "serial" in her room and assures her she won't tell their parents, who have forbidden them. Claudia mentally says that she does indeed hide food in room but no cereal.
  • Mary Anne's "apology" notes to the others in Mary Anne Saves the Day, but especially-
    “Dear Kristy, I’m sorry you’re the biggest, bossiest know-it-all in the world, but what can I do about it? Have you considered seeking professional help?”
    After she reads them, she concludes that she must still be angry.
  • While it's mostly a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, Kristy's statement of "That's all?" about The Reveal of Stacey's diabetes and Stacey's befuddlement at Kristy's theory of Stacey having an eating disorder is worth a giggle or two.