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The real reason why America had no dub...

  • Sunrise was run by members of the Liberal Democratic Party whom were still mad that the Americans had bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a move that led to their defeat. The initial cancellation of Layzner was connected to Gundam being cancelled due to Tomino, a left-wing director, using the original series as a subtle attempt to demonize Imperial Japan and their failures related Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere via the Principality of Zeon. They found out what it had meant halfway in the series and had Tomino's show cancelled instantly, shortening the series by thirty nine episodes before giving him another three episodes upon negotiation; this later happened again with Layzner on a similar note when the Gradosians took over Earth and enslaved humanity, a more-or-less subtle allegory for when Japan took over Korea in the early twentieth century before World War II. Back to the theory, they had damaged the tapes on purpose just to spite the Americans and their need for Giant Robot Anime and so America had no Layzner.
    • The guy who did Layzner isn't Tomino, it's Ryosuke Takahashi, the director of Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Gasaraki, Flag, etc.
      • True but it could be rightfully suggested that Takahashi was influenced by Tomino and his left wing views on the war; the Party was composed of people still mad at the Allies and Karma Houdini war veterans.
      • Technically, Layzner never got cancelled due to comparisons between the Gradosians ruling Earth and Japan ruling Korea in the early 1900s, what happened is that Sanyo, who were sponsoring the show, lost a lot of money due to a faulty heater that they sold killed its customer, and couldn't get any more money to keep Layzner going, as well as poor model kit sales. The only way Takahashi ended Layzner was with that Hallmark 2000 OVA as the ending.
      • Perhaps the Liberal Democratic Party was behind on the faulty heater deaths.
      • It wasn't just death by faulty heater, but also model kit sales not going so good, due to the fact Layzner came out months after Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and in regards to how Grados treats the Earthlings after conquering them, isn't that how aliens would treat the people they conquered?
      • Only because said aliens were informed that in a few years The Cold War would end with America and the Soviet Union fighting the aliens together; perhaps, they wanted to beat them while they're still at it.