Visual Novel: Atlach=Nacha

Hatsune and Kanako

Atlach=Nacha is a rather obscure H-Game by Alice Soft about a Jorōgumo named Hirasaka Hatsune.

After a brutal battle with her nemesis Shirogane, Hatsune had to go into hiding. Able to take on a human form, she appears as a student at Yaesaka High School where she intends to use the students to replenish her strength. She does this in two ways: either devouring them or having sex with them. It should be noted that she prefers girls for sexual intercourse.

She saves a Shrinking Violet by the name of Miyama Kanako on the night she discovered the school, killing and eating the boys that were trying to rape her. Now, Kanako stays by her side as a loyal servant of sorts while Hatsune plans to target the other students. However, Shirogane is around the area as well and it won't be long before he tracks her down.

Named after the Great Old One spider from the Cthulhu Mythos.