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Visual Novel: Amaranto
A Yuri Genre Visual Novel by a Japanese circle, which had an English fan translation released in 2012. It features a near-future world after some large-scale political upheaval, schoolgirls, vampires, lesbians, and so on.

This game contains examples of:

  • But Thou Must: An awful lot of the choices turn out to be this.
  • Cosy Catastrophe: The backstory doesn't make a whole lot of sense and largely exists to set up a world with a lot of women and schoolgirls who don't have to go to school unless they feel like it.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Queen's method of dressing
  • Informed Attribute: The purple-haired woman is described by the narration as a prostitute, but we only ever see her aggressively hitting on young girls who are trying to get away from her. How does she think her job works? She acts more like a potential rapist than a working girl.
  • Innocent Cohabitation: Mio and Shizuku
  • Mystical White Hair: Azoth, the vampire-girl
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians
  • School Uniforms are the New Black: Sure, there was an apocalypse, but that doesn't stop us from wearing freshly-ironed school uniforms in the correct size and attending completely-optional school because nobody knows what else to do with their lives.
  • Yuri Genre: The whole point

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