Video Game: Digimon World 4

Digimon game released on numerous platforms in 2005. It was released on the PS2, Xbox and, in Japan and the US, the GameCube. Differs significantly from its predecessors by being closer to an action RPG than a typical Mons game.

This game contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield: The four main bosses get these.
  • Bullfight Boss: Mammothmon.
  • Charged Attack: It's possible to charge normal attacks by holding the attack button for a few seconds, which can destroy most barriers in a single strike. However, that's really the only use for it, as when used in battle, the damage's no different from a normal strike, only that it leaves you unguarded for a few seconds.
  • Continuity Nod: The first three major world bosses are the Big Bads of Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, and Digimon Frontier, respectively.
  • Degraded Boss / Mook Promotion: Mecha Rogue Epsilon; which trope applies depends on whether you do Electro Mine or Mecha Nest first.
    • Mecha Rogue Delta is fought as the boss of Goblin Fortress, three are fought for the boss fight of Vine Tunnel, and in the final section of the game they're essentially normal enemies.
  • Difficulty Spike: The difference between difficulties is shocking the first time you experience them, specially when you've just beaten Normal Mode and went to Hard Mode, where even Goblimons have craploads of hp, are much stronger and much more durable.
  • Elemental Powers: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark, which cover the four main attack magics, the four chips that add elemental damage to your weapons, and the statuses that resist the both of them. However, there are other magics and attacks that fall outside them, such as Cutter, Impact, Bomb, and Venom.
  • Guide Dang It: One could go through the entire game without knowing that it's possible to Digivolve.
    • Each character has their own signature weapon that is obtained by beating all the bosses in one sitting, then heading back to the first area and fighting a rare enemy. Most of the strategy guides for this game don't even know this.
    • The sponge-like walls in some areas of the game, which require you to use a specific Elemental Magic/Chip to break them. Some of these areas actually have other ways around them, but some doesn't, so if your Digimon doesn't have any chip or magic that's capable of breaking them... then you're pretty much stuck.
  • Fixed Camera
  • Get Back Here Boss: LordKnightmon.
  • Ground Pound: ShogunGekomon loves to do this. His version creates damaging shockwaves.
  • HP to One: Quicksand in the desert.
  • King Mook: Rarely, a normal enemy digimon will show itself with a blue crown in its lifebar. When it happens, that digimon becomes way more resistant and powerful, and generally drops good items. However, even more rarely, a digimon will show itself with a gold crown, where it in turn becomes a Boss in Mook Clothing.
  • Lettered Sequel: It is originally titled Digimon World X in japan, since its tie-in movie Digimon X-Evolution, didn't see a release in US, they changed the name.
  • Level Up Fill Up: Restores both your HP and MP to full.
  • Life Drain / Mana Drain: It's possible to equip chips with these effects to your weapons, provided they have mods to do it.
  • Limited Loadout: Each character can set up to three equipped weapons at a time. If you want to use that shiny new sword you picked up from a defeated enemy, you'll have to go back to base and equip it at the Digi Lab. Justified in that this is the Digital World and the Digimon probably have to load the weapon data.
  • Magic Knight / Red Mage: Every Digimon has the potential to be either, as they have acess to melee attacks, damaging magic, healing magic and supporting magic. However, they're generally better at one than the other, or in the case of the mage digimons, have acess to more magics of one type than the other.
  • Sequential Boss: Mecha Rogue X.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Impact Magic, which creates a shockwave when used. When trained enough, it can create more than one shockwave per use.
  • Stationary Boss: The second form of Mecha Rogue X. Also, Blossomon and Apokarimon.
  • Status Buff / Status Buff Dispel: Both are available in some magics, with Resist, Power Up and Speed for the buff magics, and Power Down, Sleep and Slow for the dispel magics.
  • Throw a Barrel at It: Part of Grief Wasteland.
  • Weapon of Choice: While it's possible for every digimon you control to use and master any kind of weapon, each digimon has one "preferred" type of weapon, which is the type of their Signature Weapon.
  • Wolfpack Boss: The Vine Tunnel boss fight.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Omnimon/Omegamon shows up on the back cover and in some promotional material but is never seen in the game. This is due to the game using scenes from Digimon X-Evolution.