Video Game / Blades of Othersides

Let destiny unfold!

Blades of Othersides is a weapon-based fighter game created to be the successor series to Forsaken Chronicle. As such the series features many successor characters who bear a resemblance personality or appearance wise to Forsaken Chronicle characters. The game possesses a 2.5D spectrum, featuring limited side-stepping movement, similar to the engine in Forsaken Chronicle 5.

The series is set in a fictional version of Earth where an enigmatic race called The Fae have existed alongside humanity. The world is sort of Final Fantasy XII-ish due to a long history of war between the humans and the Fae due to Fantastic Racism.

The story of the first game revolves around angsty orphan Kona, who is searching for the Holy Grail as a means to cure his sick family. However, it turns out he has gone somewhat insane as his family is in fact dead from a sickness called the Fae Plague, which the Fae inflicted upon Kona's family to stop him from searching for the Holy Grail. It turns out that Kona is the can within which a great evil is sealed and touching the Holy Grail will release said evil onto the world. As Kona quests for the Holy Grail, many people try to stop him or seize the almighty Grail for themselves, setting up for many, many epic duels. Eventually Kona finds it and touches it, releasing the evil inside of him.

The story for the second game continues to revolve around Kona, who now possesses the corrupted Holy Grail, and is a raging battle ground between his good and evil sides. Hariyama, resident Jerkass intends to use Kona as the Adam for his Adam and Eve Plot and is trying to set up a battle between Alyfim and Kona so Alyfim can be turned into his Eve. Several members of the cast try to stop him, some don't care while others still seek the grail for their own ends. All the while, the corrupted grail waits...

Blades of Othersides provides examples of:

  • Adam and Eve Plot: Hariyama's true motivation. Still doesn't stop him from being a Jerkass to all living things for the sake of being evil.
  • Aerith and Bob: We have names like Alyfim and Haroakuma alongside Blake and Amy.
  • Badass Normal: Blake is the biggest example as he can hold his own against powerful Fae using only his raw strength and skill.
  • Bonus Boss: Vajra, who first appears in 2. And he was a pain. The find him in the first place, an obscure background event had to occur on the moonlit villa stage involving two large trees falling down. THEN you had to get a perfect as well as finish a round with a Final Release. He would then face you on the next stage...once. You had one shot per-arcade playthrough to defeat him. He has souped up version of Kona's, Alyfim's and Hariyama's moves, though he was largely the Akuma to Kona(s) and Alyfim's Ryu and Ken build.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Hariyama's explanation regarding the slaughter of several innocent Fae.
    Hariyama: What? Look I do a lot of things that you call horrible, but that was just another day for me.
  • Expy: Of Forsaken Chronicle characters. Kona is an expy of Connor, Alyfim is an expy of Bluebird (though with a bit of Exie mixed in) and Blake is a notable expy of Sam. Kan Zo is a Char Clone.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Kona has crossed it when his family died. He's also in denial about their death, thinking that the Grail can "cure" their sickness.
  • Downer Ending: Two notable ones in the first game:
    • Kona finds the grail and thinks that his family is saved. Alyfim comes into the Grail Chamber and tells Kona not to touch it. He grabs it and immediately is enveloped with a glowing aura and transforms into his Super-Powered Evil Side. The screen goes black as we hear Alyfim first scream and then laugh in an evil manner.
    • Alyfim's ending has her trying to stop Kona from touching the grail, but with no other option is forced to kill Kona. She sheds a tear for Kona as she runs him through. The screen then changes to show her crying at a grave, saying that she failed in her duty. The screen goes black as the player continues to hear her cry.
    • Hell, the entire first game had a downer ending with Kona unsealing his evil and corrupting the Holy Grail, creating something far worse as a Sequel Hook, with Alyfim more or less unable to stop him. Haroakuma and Hariyama have a little duel, while Kan Zo manipulates Karyu into raising an entire village for fear they had learned of the Grail's resting place. All the other characters are barely involved, though they are mentioned at points.
  • Fantastic Racism: Central in this version of Earth.
  • Finishing Move: The Final Release system introduced in 2.
  • For the Evulz: Hariyama's motivation.
  • Jerkass: Hariyama in the resident king of this trope.
  • Kick the Dog: Hariyama's rival battle with Haroakuma, leader of the Sentinels, has him beat the crap out of an unconscious Alyfim before going on to insult the Fae in general. Carla even asks Hariyama if he keeps a dog specifically for kicking.
  • Meido: Alyfim's third alternate outfit. Also, Carla's outfit.
  • Mercy Kill: See Self-Made Orphan below.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:
  • Power Perversion Potential}}: A human touching a Fae's "Power Symbol" which is hidden on their body puts that Fae into a highly suggestible state where you can re-write their personality, erase memories, etc. Used tragically on Alyfim's mother.
  • Screw You, Elves!: Two characters do this to The Fae; Kona and Hariyama. Kona does it to find the Holy Grail to "cure" his family. It doesn't end well for him. Hariyama does it to be a dick.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: There was great evil force wandering around when Kona was a baby, so the Fae sealed it inside of him. It fused to Kona and changed, making it a Sealed Super-Powered Evil Side for Kona. If he ever touches the Holy Grail, the seal will be broken as the Grail empowers what makes contact with it.
  • Secret Character: Beating Kona's and Alyfim's arcade modes unlocks Kona!, a Palette Swap of Kona to make him look like his Super-Powered Evil Side from his Arcade ending. This character lacks a unique intro and shares Kona's ending.
  • Secret Police: The Sentinels double as this and peacekeepers.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Alyfim is a sentinel of the Fae, charged with maintaining the balance of the world and protecting the Fae. Her first mission was the kill her highly brainwashed mother who was giving away Fae secrets that could endanger a large number of other Fae. Doubles as a Mercy Kill.
  • Sequel Hook:
    • Kona has unsealed the evil inside of himself and corrupted the Holy Grail. Since the Fae intend to preserve balance in the world, which the Grail is key to, they prepare the Sentinels to counter this threat and retrieve the Grail.
    • Kona faces Hariyama and loses, only for Alyfim to jump in and save Kona, though she gets defeated as well. Haroakuma then arrives and manages to defeat Hariyama. Kan Zo then appears and announces his plans to wipe out the Fae. Haroakuma leaves Kona in Alyfim's care and pursues Kan Zo.
  • Weapon of Choice:
  • Worthy Opponent: Haroakuma acknowledges Blake as this. Also Hariyama to Kan Zo. Even Haroakuma acknowledges that Kan Zo is dangerous, abandoning a chance at seizing the grail to pursue Kan Zo.
  • Xanatos Gambit:
    • Everything benefits Hariyama in some way. And if he is beaten, it's still all part of the plan.
    • Kan Zo is Hariyama's rival as even Hariyama's plans benefit Kan Zo's goals.