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Kona! is a canon character and will appear as a proper character in the second game.

Well, at the end of Kona's story/arcade mode he unseals the horrible evil inside himself and Kona! looks like Kona from the ending. Plus Word of God has stated that most of this ending is canon, so that means Kona! has to replace Kona or become a seperate character, maybe a Battle in the Centre of the Mind going on.

Alyfim was a Stalker with a Crush...

...to Blake.

Kona will the final boss of the second game

Ok, Kona is pretty much going down the road of Siegfried, just with a smaller sword. Nightmare was the Big Bad of Soul Calibur so it makes sense that Kona would be the Final Boss of the second game of this series.
  • Except that Inferno was the Final Boss of Soul Edge through to Soul Calibur II, making another appearance in SCIII: Arcade Edition. Nightmare was only a Final Boss in SCIV (And V's Arcade mode).
  • Jossed. The Grail is the Final Boss in 2.

Vajra is playable through some legitimate method

So we have this character who is clearly important in some way. So why isn't he playable, even after beating him? Therefore, he has some way of being unlockable.
  • Jossed by Word of God. Though Vajra will be a proper playable character in 3.