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Describe Wild-card here.

That will be kinda, um... easy. I will do it later...

As you could have probably guessed from that, yes I am a procrastinator. :)

I'm more of a reader then a contributor. But I often hang out around You Know That Thing Where.

I found this link about a few years ago on a Gamefaq cartoon message board, (curse you Animation Age Ghetto!) by accident while looking up a link to Network Decay, and have never turned back! :)

.Tropes I have Submited:

I'd also like to personally thank this wiki for introducing me to Darths & Droids, DM of the Rings, El Goonish Shive, Nadia And The Secret Of Blue Water, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal,(Actually introduced too me by a fellow troper, but I still count it.) and convincing me too watch The Spectacular Spiderman. Though I would've rather not have acquired my current Bile Fascination for Sonichu, but I guess it is just a side effect of lurking.I've had a blast here both lurking and editing, and I have a feeling I will continue too for a long time to come.