Tropers / Tehjinx

The following is a true story. It has not been exaggerated for effect. What you are about to see is a full account of the inner workings of a troper going by the name of tehjinx. You will laugh, you will cry. You will leave this page with a renewed sense of appreciation for life as a whole.

-The basics of jinx

-Detailed Information
  • No chosen view on politics
  • No chosen religion; prefers to simply apply positive thought to matters and watch as they change for him
  • Likes wearing a hoodie, navy blue, full zip
  • Virgin
  • Fetishes: Asses, Glasses and Incest
  • Perverse Sexual Lust for too many characters to mention

This troper provides examples of:

Tropes you think apply to me. Should be interesting.

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    The Tropers are Coming... wait, that came out wrong 
  • It's GODZILLA!!!!!
  • Woot, Tigers of the world unite! - darnpenguin

  • You like Daft Punk and Avatar: The Last Airsubmissivegaybloke er... I mean Airbender. That alone makes you cool in my book.