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(Work in Progress)

Sayael is a typical computer geek, dwelling mostly in the realms of RPG and FPS. He's horribly addicted to various internet memes and has a tendency to sprout them out in the middle of class and daily life. Not very physically able, either. But he's one of the sappiest and sweetest guys once you get past the 'Ax-Crazy Otaku' exterior. Or so I've been told.

Things Sayael can carry a conversation about:
  • Naruto: An old ex-favorite. Now read pretty much out of habit. Taught me another golden rule of the internet: Never get into the middle of a shipping war. Sayael has given the 'verse a lot of thought, though, and he's always happy to have a nice, civilized conversation about parts of it. But, again, no shipping issues.
  • Bleach: Much like Naruto, something Sayael liked and now really don't feel much for, thanks to the Fandom. Still read weekly. Still can talk about the finer points of it.
  • One Piece: Aaand, on the flip side, something Sayael has only recently gained a lot of enthusiasm for. Still a little shaky with the time line, but it's a really fun series.
  • Fairy Tale: *grins* Much in the same vein of One Piece, a nice fun series to talk about.
  • D.Gray-Man: Shame about Ms. Hoshino and her Ill Girl-ness, but one of Sayael's favorites and still so.
  • Star Wars: Admittedly, Sayael knows nothing about the Extended Universe. But he likes to think he knows something about the movies.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Haha. What a game. After a year of being head and DM for the school club, four years of buying books and supplements just for the fluff, what can Sayael say? He's in love and he'll stay so for a good long while.
  • Warhammer: 40K only, and I have no idea how to play. But, again, Sayael loves the fluff.
  • World of Darkness: Only recently introduced to Sayael. Geist is definitely his favorite.
  • Touhou: How long ago was Sayael's first exposure, he wonders? Years ago. Probably a U.N. Owen remix. Now, he's hopelessly lost and obsessed. Moe and More Dakka, with enough Crowning Music of Awesome to last a life time. What else can be said? <3
  • Assassin's Creed: Yet another favorite. Italian Ninjas fighting against Knight Templars to save the world? Right up Sayael's alley.
  • Various FP Ss: Sayael's no pro, by any means, but he can put up a fight. And, somehow, his presence in multiplayer games somehow makes funny things happen by default...
  • Various RT Ss: Same with FP Ss.
  • Ragnarok Online: Sayael's first MMO, and his most beloved still. He doesn't play it anymore due to money restraints (for the real servers) and crappy internet (for the slightly shadier ones), but he'd definitely like to start again. He misses his Homunculi.
  • Sayael'd go on, but the list would probably take forever.

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