Tropers / Ronin Catholic

A samurai who was disowned by his master for being a Catholic. He's a weirdo, so feel free to ignore him.

His favorite style of character design is that of the kemono, his favorite settings being schizo-tech fantasy kitchen sinks, and the standard fantasy setting. Whenever he can, he wears either red samurai armor or the coolest outfit ever.

Sometimes a non-rascally tanuki, sometimes a fox, sometimes a bat. Almost invariably pink; think cute bruiser + knight. Ronin acts as a stand-in for Nathan Karr, the real-world person who made him up.

The character's (not the person's) canon love interest is a blue wolf. While he borders on fragile speedster, she's pure stone wall. Her hit points and defense rating were so high that during his very special mission to save her body from parasites, had his body returned to normal size, the result would have been him getting crushed to death, causing her minor discomfort.