Tropers: Blackfire 667

There are notes here. Who are they for? Mostly for me, but I suppose you can look at them if you want. They are on display, after all. But be warned: Spoilers ahead! And no cheating!

  • Izera
    • Tanis and Valerion's setting. Very high-tech, soft sci-fi. Filled with MageKnights, although most Average Joes and Janes barely qualify.
    • The galaxy is largely divided between Izera (plus its protectorates) and Neratu (plus its associates). A Cold War/Tech Race raged between the two for decades, ending only very recently when Izera developed the technology to nullify antimagic. Residual tensions are still very high.
    • The country is an interstellar empire and an absolute monarchy, wherein Tanis is princess and her father is the emperor.
    • The (as-yet unnamed) state religion and the state itself are very close, though not technically merged. The head-of-state serves as a figurehead in the religious hierarchy, and the religious leader serves as an adviser to the head-of-state.
    • Despite totalitarian, Police State inclinations, Izera is decidedly "centre-left" in other areas of policy
    • Magic by Any Other Name : Astral Energy. Admittedly, the term is not my original invention. But that's okay, right? I mean, I sort of know the guy who coined the term.
    • Humanoid Aliens : The natives of Izera's capitol world, and the primary inhabitants of the empire, have grey skin, bronze, segmented, articulated tails, and lizard-like eyes. They lay eggs but still have hair, a common trait among "reptomammals".
    • A Form You Are Comfortable With : Deeply ingrained in Izerian natives' culture is the need to appear human while in public, usually through a magically-projected illusion.
  • (As-yet unnamed futuristic somewhere or other)
    • Claire's setting
    • High-tech, but less than Izera.
    • Some group obviously has in-depth knowledge of A.I., robotics and nanomachines, as well as vast resources, given that Claire had to be built by someone.
      • This group is some military or other, as Claire was created for espionage and assassination.
    • Is there magic? I don't know yet.
  • An Alternate Earth
    • Tamara's setting
    • Magic is inherent to the whole of normal reality, and so (at least in-universe), antimagic only serves to dampen magical abilities
    • Witches/Sorceresses and Wizards/Sorcerers all belong to a worldwide group called Hecate's Coven
    • There was a Masquerade, but it was broken when (unnamed BigBad's faction) attacked San Francisco, then broken in a much bigger way when Hecate was released from her prison.
    • The world is engulfed in one big fight between Heaven, Hell, Hecate's Coven, non-magical humans' Paranormal Defence Agencies, (the unnamed Big Bad's faction) and The Void
    • Rogue elements from the Coven, some PDAs and some unaffiliated others united to form "The Guardians", which seek peace without any side gaining total world domination.
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