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Trivia: Vertigo
  • Deleted Scene: During the film's production, a tacked-on ending scene set in Midge's apartment was shot, offering a clearer exposition of Elster's and Scottie's fates. It was shot for overseas prints of the film in countries whose censor boards were tougher than the Hays Office (which, by 1958, was a lot more lenient and was entering its twilight), and was eventually included as an extra on various home video releases.
  • The Other Marty: Hitchcock originally cast Vera Miles as Madeline. She performed a costume test and modeled for an early version of Carlotta's portrait, but had to leave the project after becoming pregnant.
  • Trope Namer: Hitchcock helped give rise to the term Fridge Logic when admitting that he had no explanation for the scene where Madeline leaves her hotel room without Scottie or the desklady seeing:
    "[This scene] hits you after you've gone home and start pulling cold chicken out of the icebox."

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