Trivia / Top Cat

  • Casting Gag: Benny was the Doberman character and was fittingly voiced by Doberman himself, Maurice Gosfield.
  • Completely Different Title: Don Gato (kinda like Mr. Cat) in Latin America. While most English-speaking tropers only hear the term Don in the context of a stereotypical mafia boss, the term as used in Mexico has nothing to do with criminals. It's more a term of respect and endearment for the topmost authoritative figure in a community, although usually only used in rural or low-income communities. It's a very fitting translation to the name Top Cat, that even better portrays how his followers feel about him.
    • In Brazil is Manda-Chuva, which is an old informal term (think "head honcho" or "big cheese") for leaders (its literal meaning is "Rainmaker").
  • The Other Darrin: All of the original cast reprised their roles for Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats, with the exceptions of Maurice Gosfield and Allen Jenkins, who had died in the interim. In the film, Avery Schreiber replaced Gosfield, and John Stephenson (who did Fancy-Fancy's voice) did double duty as Dibble.
  • Recycled Script: Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats is a feature length remake of "The Missing Heir".
  • Unintentional Period Piece: From its 1960s slang to the running gag of Top Cat constantly using Officer Dibble's now obsolete police phone, the show can't really work after the 1960s. Hence why the series doesn't feel right when placed in a modern setting.
  • What Could Have Been: It's rumored that the show was going to get a second season, but it was scrapped due to Maurice Gosfield passing away and Hanna-Barbera not being able to find a replacement actor who could match his voice.
    • Aside from the 2011 movie, there was an earlier Top Cat reboot that almost came to be, but it never got past the development stages. Judging from the concept art that has been posted online, it looks like it would have been in a similar vein to Yo Yogi!.