Heartwarming / Top Cat

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Charlie's got 6 daddies.

     Episode 7: Top Cat Falls In Love 

  • The gang doesn't know that Top Cat is only pretending to be sick to get close to a pretty nurse. They think he's actually fatally ill, so they put together an early Christmas celebration for him, decorating his hospital room and singing carols. Even though he's annoyed at first, T.C. softens up when he realizes what they're doing.

     Episode 8: A Visit From Mother 

  • Top Cat and the gang spend the entire episode helping Benny pretend to be the mayor of New York, all to impress his visiting mother.

     Episode 11: Choo Choo's Romance 

  • Top Cat getting protective when the jealous boyfriend of a girl Choo Choo has a crush on insults him.
    Fancy: Gosh, T.C. I never saw you as mad as this.
    Top Cat: Well one a' my boys is in trouble! When an enemy attacks her young, doth not the eagle bear her claws?
    Choo Choo: (touched) You expressed that be-u-ti-fully, T.C. Just be-u-ti-fully!
  • Choo Choo tearfully saying that Top Cat "meant more to me than anything" when he thinks T.C. has been killed.

     Episode 17: T.C. Minds the Baby 

  • The gang finds an abandoned baby, and Top Cat is eventually convinced into letting the gang adopt him. They even decide to name the baby Charlie, after Officer Dibble.
    Benny: Gosh, Top Cat. Charlie doesn't have to worry about bein' an orphan now. He's got a father.
    Top Cat: Did you say a father, Benny? The kid's got six of 'em!
    [Cue all the cats gathering around the baby's basket, cooing.]
  • When they eventually have to give the kid up, and T.C. gets something in his eye.

     Episode 23: Dibble's Birthday 

  • The rest of T.C.'s gang actually wanting to celebrate Dibble's birthday and being appalled that T.C. got them to get presents for Dibble only to hawk them off for money. Their protests eventually convince him to go along with the idea, albeit reluctantly. And when Dibble shows up later depressed due to believing he's going to be retired, all of them are concerned for him and try to cheer him up. Yes, even T.C., who earlier called everyone crazy for actually wanting to wish Dibble a happy birthday.
  • When Dibble finds the birthday note from T.C. and the gang, and sees the gold whistle they got him as a present. He's actually moved to tears.
  • The gang happily chasing after him to give him the rest of his gifts, with T.C. reluctantly joining them. He laments about not being able to sell the gifts for cash like he'd originally wanted to, but at the last second he smiles to himself, secretly glad that he made Dibble happy on his birthday.

     Episode 24: Choo Choo Goes Ga-Ga 
  • The lengths TC will go to get a suicidal Choo Choo a date with his celebrity crush.
  • Choo Choo and Lola Glamour recognizing each other from elementary school, Lola being so fond of him that she is instantly willing to go on a date with Choo Choo regardless of his social standing.

     Episode 27: Dibble Breaks The Record 

     Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats 
  • The 80's TV movie is not great, but it did have one rather sweet moment towards the end. The cats find the millionaire's missing niece, Amy, which suited Benny just fine because he never felt that he was entitled to accept the money and expensive house left for him in her aunt's will.
    Benny: That wouldn't be fair to Amy. The estate belongs to her.
    Amy: Thanks, but I'd much rather have love than money.
    Top Cat: Is that so? Well you're loved, Amy.
    [The cats then rush her home so she can claim the money.]note 
  • Amy visits them in the alley at the end, saying that she was lonely at home without them, and they share a picnic. Sadly the moment was ruined by a terrible rap, but it was still nice for a brief few seconds.