Awesome / Top Cat

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     Episode 2: The Maharajah of Pookajee 

  • While Top Cat is disguised as a rich maharajah, two thieves attempt to rob him. Startled at first, Top Cat manages to compose himself in a matter of seconds and sweet talks the robbers away, keeping his cool despite having a gun pointed right at his face the entire time.

     Episode 10: Sergeant Top Cat 

  • Dibble not only charges towards and apprehends two armed criminals, but he also manages to outsmart Top Cat.

     Episode 12: The Unscratchables 

  • In order to rescue Benny, Top Cat, Choo Choo, Spook and Fancy trick some gangsters into thinking they're a dangerous gang known as The Unscratchables. These four cats effectively manage to intimidate real life crooks, all without having any real weapons of their own, save for Spook's yo-yo.

     Episode 20: The Golden Fleecing 

  • When Honeydew Mellon holds the gang up at gun point, Top Cat distracts her with popping popcorn and wrestles the gun right out of her hand.