Trivia: The Wiggles

  • Cash Cow Franchise: The Wiggles have put their name on everything from bedspreads to lunchboxes and even yogurt.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Dorothy the Dinosaur- to the point where she gets her own spinoff.
  • Executive Meddling: Though the group had released VHS tapes, CDs and cassettes through The ABC with no complaint, when the group filmed the pilot for the television show for ABC in the mid-90s the powers insisted that the group drop their skivvies in favour of caps and shorts, among other things. Naturally, the group dropped the pilot due to "irreconcilable artistic differences" and funded their own TV show through profits made from live shows and The Merch. They eventually sold the show to the Seven Network, but seeing their newfound success ABC was all-too-happy to screen their programmes later on.
  • No Budget: For a group— and brand — that has become one of Australia's biggest (and richest) exports, it may shock some to see that in 1992 Dorothy the Dinosaur looked like this and in 1994 the Big Red Car looked like this.
  • The Other Yellow Wiggle: The Wiggles' fourth TV series, Wiggle & Learn, was produced in 2008, when Sam had replaced Greg. Sam does turn up as a background dancer in some of the earlier series' episodes, though, and even takes on larger non-Wiggle roles (such as Professor Singalottasonga).
    • The Other Marty: Subverted. While the current Wiggles lineup (Emma, Simon, Lachy, and Anthony) have re-done music videos that featured the 2012 lineup to include the current cast, there has been no attempt to hide the original versions, even keeping them alongside the newer versions on their YouTube channel.
  • The Pete Best: Phillip Wilcher, the other original member, who played on their first album in 1991 and was in their first two videos. He left (or was kicked out, depending on whom you ask) the next year, and went on to a successful career in classical music. Effectively Unpersonned from the group, with the first album later re-recorded and the videos redone. He had no color-coding, as he left before the group adopted their trademark shirts.
  • Romance on the Set: Of Dorothy the Dinosaur, between Sam and Lyn Stuckey, Dorothy's suit actress (now his wife).
    • Lachy and Emma, the current purple and yellow wiggles, recently revealed they've been secretly dating and in love for over two years. Awwwwww.