Fridge / The Wiggles

  • Fridge Logic: Pirates aren't nice people, they're thieves. Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate is a pirate. It's equal to having a character today called "Colonel Ticklebomb the Friendly Terrorist".
    • Captain Feathersword, as implied by his moniker, has a feather for a sword. He has to be would a terrorist whose bombs induced tickles instead of death.
    • Guess we've got our new culturally relevant children's show character!
    • Privateer Feathersword isn't as catchy?
      • That's catchy as hell, though.
      • Unfortunately, the Royal Australian Navy had not issued any letters of marque since their foundation. Furthermore, privateering is prohibited under international law thanks to the Paris Declaration of 1856 at the end of the Crimean War.