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Trivia: The Mystery of Mamo
  • Dueling Dubs: On the short-list of anime films with the most English dubs made (often attributed as #1). First, Toho made a dub in 1979 to show in trans-Pacific flights on Japan Airlines. Next, Streamline Pictures dubbed it in 1995 for the North American market. Then, Manga Entertainment made its own dub in 1996 for the UK market. Finally, Pioneer/Geneon redubbed the film in 2003 using its cast from "Red Jacket".

    In 2013, rather than trying to make a dub of their own, Discotek Media simply and wisely collected all four dubs onto their release. This was actually quite a feat, since the Toho dub had to be cobbled together from various extant incomplete copies and then digitally cleaned up to make it presentable, and the Manga UK dub had a very limited release to the point that no one knew if decent materials for it even existed.
  • Franchise-Driven Retitling: In Japan, The Mystery of Mamo was originally titled simply Lupin III, but with two television series, a live-action film, and another movie on the way, they had to retitle it to distinguish what the movie was. It is now officially known as Lupin III: Lupin vs. the Clones.

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