Funny / The Mystery of Mamo

  • As stated on its main and Trivia pages, there's four english dubs for The Mystery of Mamo... and each one has its own take on certain lines and bits of dialogue. A good example would be when the 10-wheel truck chasing Lupin and the gang runs Zenigata off the road...
    Zenigata: [Geneon subtitles] *triumphant laugh* What awesome power!
    Ed Scott: [Toho dub] *triumphant laugh* Did you see that driving power?!
    Zenigata: [Streamline dub] *nervous laugh* What am I laughing about?
    Zenigata: [Manga UK dub] Yeah-ha-ha-ha! You don't run me down as easy as that!
    Zenigata: [Geneon dub] *maniacal laugh* Watch out, Lupin!
  • When Lupin is wandering the island, he runs into Hitler, whom he greets appropriately...
    Lupin: [original Japanese] Heil Hitler!
    Lupin: [Toho dub] Heil Hitler!
    Lupin: [Streamline dub] Heil, mein Führer!
    Lupin: [Manga UK dub] Heil Schicklgruber!
    Lupin: [Geneon dub] Heil, mein Führer!
  • Jigen's fedora is the butt of some snarky moments, such as when he and Lupin are escaping the pyramid on a motorcycle. Jigen catches his hat before it flies, to which Lupin comments that he needs to lose it. In a couple of the dubs, it's even speculated that Jigen's hat is hiding a bald spot.
  • During the car chase scene early in the movie, Fujiko offers Lupin and his friends a ride in her car, only for Lupin to hijack the car and ditch her shortly afterwards. In the dubs, Fujiko is sometimes given a rather hypocritical response...
    Fujiko: [Geneon subtitles] You thief!
    Margo: [Toho dub] Stop, thief!
    Fujiko: [Streamline dub] Damn! Stop, you lousy thief!
  • In the Toho dub, when Lupin is researching the Wise Man's Stone, he and Jigen (or Dan Dunn) share this gem of an exchange.
    Dan: Have you finished with your history lesson?
    Lupin: Don't be funny! I'm not studying cause I like it!
  • Some of Goemon's Ice-Cream Koan lines in the Manga UK dub, such as "Nice asses turn men into asses".
  • In the first Italian dub, Zenigata drives a stake into what appears being Lupin's body in case he became a vampire and is thus immortal.
  • During the pyramid heist, Zenigata starts ordering the Egyptian police around, their chief protests... And Zenigata starts ordering him around. With a loudspeaker in the face.
    • Later the chief tries to take back command. Keyword: tries.
  • Lupin being chased in Paris' sewers by a helicopter.
  • After being captured by Mamo, how does Lupin leave his cage? Easy: he howls at the full moon and then falls asleep unresponsive, causing the guard to enter to take a look, leave surprised without noticing a half-asleep looking Lupin following him, and try to understand where Lupin has disappeared to when he turns back to close the cage, before being kicked in.
  • Mamo's face when an elevating platform produces Lupin and Fujiko flirting and on the verge of starting making out.
  • When the USAF wrecks Mamo's island, Zenigata mistakes them for his reinforcements sent by the Interpol and tries ordering them around.
  • When Mamo tells the American president that he's launching his missiles, in the original the president calls him a madman and shouts him to stop. In the Italian dub, instead, he tells him "Come on kid, stop playing around" treating him like a child for all their phone call.