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Trivia: The Middle
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Dawson Casting: When the show started, Axl is a high school freshman and he's played by a 19 year old. Sue, a seventh grader, has an 18 year old actress. Brick is supposed to be in second grade, but the actor playing him is 11 years old. To be fair, the actor playing Brick (Atticus Shaffer) has Type IV Ostogenesis Imperfecta (also known as brittle bone disease), which causes him to be a lot smaller than average.
    • For the same reason, he is almost never filmed walking all by himself within a certain distance of the camera, as he has a noticeable limp.
    • A rare forgivable example in the cases of Axl and Sue since both actors actually do look much younger than their actual ages. Even at the age of 23, the actor who plays Axl still looks like a teenager. Though the same can't be said for the actors who play Darren and Sean who both look like they're in their late 20s. It was even lampshaded in the episode where Sue wanted to date Darren with Mike objecting because "he's 18 and he looks 30!"
  • Hey, It's That Girl/Guy - Brooke Shields in "The Neighbor" and Betty White in "Average Rules".
    • Not to mention the Almighty Janitor from Scrubs... as the father.
    • And Doris Roberts, Patricia's character's archnemesis from "Raymond", as Brick's teacher.
    • Apparently Sam "White Chocolate" Evans did a stint as an elementary school teacher while he was away from Lima.
    • Sue's short-lived season 3 boyfriend Matt was Rico.
    • Lois now teaches classes for dental-assistant students.
    • Todd Packer is the Heck's new neighbor in "The Friend."
    • Kenneth hires Frankie as his assistant at the end of "Dollar Days"
    • Gwen Tennyson is Axl's girl-friend/tutor Cassidy.
    • Harry Solomon is Axl and Sue's High School Principal.
    • Brick's Teacher Mr. Walker is Ted Buckland.
    • One episode has Axl dating a very peppy Ashley Davies
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Why is Captain K'Nuckles/The Flying Dutchman running the car dealership?
    • And how does Tom make it from his job running the P.A. in Indiana to his home in Florida in an hour and a half?
    • One of Mike's co-workers at the quarry is Beast Boy. Seriously.
  • The Character Died With Her: Aunt Ginny. At the end of the third-season episode "The Map", which had begun with the Hecks coming back from her funeral, there was an In Memoriam to Frances Bay, the actress who had played her until her death several months earlier.
  • Name's the Same: Brick is not a Rowdyruff Boy.
  • Brick's actor has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and was born in 1998.

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