Funny / The Middle

  • In the spelling bee episode, Brick ends up losing because of his little repetition tic, making a Running Gag into something truly hilarious.
    Axl: I had the lowest of expectations and I am still disappointed.
  • In "Friends, Lies, and Videotape," Sue and Carly want to see a rated-R movie because Taylor Lautner is in it. They pretend to be adults by wearing their moms' clothes, drinking coffee, and loudly having what they think is an adult-sounding conversation while they're in line.
    Sue: Do you remember when we went to see 127 Hours? I didn't think there was enough sex and violence! I could have used more mature themes!
    Carly: Yeah, I totally could've handled that!
  • In "The Name", Brick's "whispering to himself" tic gets reversed when he whispers to Frankie when talking about Janet and looks down when he says the last word out loud when he looks down.
    Brick: [whispering to Frankie] But she's so bossy. [Looks down at himself and talks out loud] Bossy.
    Frankie: Shh!
  • In "Office Hours", Frankie becomes so forgetful she drives to her old job at the car dealership, a full year after having left.