Awesome: The Middle

  • In the first Season Finale, Sue "runs" five laps around a cross-country track with a twisted (and possibly broken) ankle, only for it to start raining while she's on her final lap. Then, after being splashed with mud and grass and losing a crutch, she drags herself across the finish line with only her arms. Did we mention that the entire time the theme from Chariots of Fire was playing, timed out well enough that what is usually a cheesy Stock Parody turned into a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Sue?
  • "Life Skills:" Axl managing to call in a buttload of favors from his classmates so he and Sue can make a much better project presentation than the one they originally planned. Mass. Jaw. Droppage. Will. Ensue.
  • Sue manages to win the cheer-off with the actual cheerleaders.
  • Frankie gets hired as a dental assistant in "Dollar Days."
  • Sue winning a competition that involves keeping one's hand on a car the longest and the winner gets the car. She suffers bug bites, sunburn and general discomfort, but, by George, that girl does not give up! Her "World of Cardboard" Speech/Badass Boast only caps it off.
    • Even better is that even though she doesn't win a car, she does win the family a trip to Disney World!