Awesome / Miami Vice

  • In "Calderon's" run, we're introduced to the assassin, played by one of the top competition shooters in the USA. After blowing away two targets who he's trapped in a limo, the real driver returns and surprises him. The assassin draws and blows the man away in less than a second with a Mozambique Drill (two to the chest and one to the head) before rapidly unloading his gun and dropping it on the body to frame him.
  • In "Glades," Crockett taking down a bad guy who has a sawed-off held to a little girl's head. The scumbag thinks he can get away. Crockett disagrees—and proves himself correct.
    Billie Joe Higgins: If I twitch, she's gone.
    Crockett: won't even...twitch... [fires]
  • "Bushido." Castillo + Katana + Dirty Communists threatening his dead friend's wife and son = Ass-kicking.
  • Any car chase Crockett gets himself into especially the one where the Testarossa is introduced, he wipes the floor with the mercenaries sent to kill him with it.
  • "Deliver Us From Evil" James Sonny Crockett, by the book cop and general nice guy has seen his wife get shot. He goes and pays a visit to the man who killed her. After a brief talk, he coldly tells him to "get up". The man refuses, closes his eyes and smugly smiles. In a great piece of acting by Don Johnson, Crockett executes him, without flinching, shooting him in the heart through his book with a epic Death Glare on his face. Then he walks off with the last song his wife sang playing in the background.
  • Reb Brown's entire role as the villain in "Viking Bikers from Hell." The awesomeness includes shrugging off several bullets from Tubbs before shooting him in the head, a feature film worthy standoff at a warehouse that he escapes by jumping a motorcycle over the cop cars, and almost taking Crockett down with him after being fatally shot (and you can see the stuntman bang his head on the dock in slow motion).
  • "The Great Mc Carthy" Crockett races his boat in a race around Biscayne Bay to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild".