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Trivia: The Divine Comedy

The epic poem

  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Dante referred to the poem simply as his "comedy." The title The Divine Comedy was not adopted until later.
    • Speaking of which, Star Trek: The Next Generation said that Dante said something along the lines of "The hottest place in hell was reserved for good men who let evil happen." First, the center of hell is ice. Secondly, it's for traitors; people who are completely neutral aren't even allowed in hell, and their punishment is to go and be stuck between hell and purgatory, desiring any respite.
      • That might actually be the point. Good men who just weren't willing to commit themselves are in the bit of Hell furthest away from the ice. Thus, arguably, the bit that should be hottest.
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion fans are famous for their "four barons of hell" theory about the Evas' design. The most commonly cited source of this is the Inferno. There are no four barons of hell.
  • Word of Dante: The Trope Namer is both the author of this work and the effect the work has had on people's perceptions of Hell.
  • Write Who You Know: Dante populates the spirit world with his friends and enemies, alongside mythical and historical characters.

The band

  • Creator Backlash: There was a point where the Divine Comedy didn't play "Songs of Love" live because Hannon was sick of the association with Father Ted. "National Express" also saw a period of this.
  • Hey, It's That Song!: "In Pursuit Of Happiness" and "Songs Of Love" became best known as the theme tunes for Tomorrow's World and Father Ted.
  • Old Shame: Hannon was so unhappy with the group's first release Fanfare for the Comic Muse he spent a long time pretending it didn't existed.

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