Trivia: Super Paper Mario

  • Defictionalization: Digibutter.nerr is now a fansite for Paper Mario games.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There had been talk of making a film adaption, most likely an Anime film. However, almost as soon as it was mentioned, it was canned or shelved; nobody heard anything about it again. Too bad...
      • Seth Gordon (who also directed The King of Kong) expressed interest in directing a movie based on the game at one point, which would have been a 3D movie that would've used the effects in lieu of flipping. Nothing came of it.
    • The game was initially going to be a GameCube title that would have been released in 2006. Leftover graphics from the GameCube version remain unused in the game's files.
    • Mario would have been given the ability to flip into 3D by a Pixl that was shaped like a ladder.