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Trivia: Skins
  • Fan Nickname: Sorry Mandy but being the threat to the Naomily ship has earned you the unflattering name of "Giant-Not-Naomi".
    • And after a stroppy Merveille Lukeba (Thomas) tweeted about "the nation's favourite lesbian couple", it became a nickname for Naomily the fans were only too happy to pick up.
      • Some fans also use "DJ Merv" as a sarcastic nickname for him — his big ego has not made him particularly well liked within fandom.
    • Alo, Rich, Grace and Franky are called the Fab Four.
    • The Triangle of Doom - referring to the second generation's love triangle of Freddie/Effy/Cook.
    • In a similar vein, the Franky/Matty/Liv triangle in generation 3 has been nicknamed "FML", for the characters' initials and most fans' reaction to it.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: In the first series, you may recognize Tony as a grown-up version of the star in About a Boynote . He later went on to play Hank McCoy and star in A Single Man and Warm Bodies.
    • Game of Thrones fans will recognize Gilly as Cassie and Gendry as Chris. Chris also appears in a number of medical dramas (Series/Doctors, Peak Practice, and Sweet Medicine) and the films One For The Road and Heartlands.
    • Maxxie also had a major role in Britannia High around the same time.
    • Dev Patel is probably the best known actor in the series, having starred in Slumdog Millionaire and The Last Airbender.
    • Look out for Jay from The Inbetweeners as a minor character in season one.
    • Pretty much all the parents are played by recognisable (mostly comic) British actors.
      • Peter Fucking Capaldi as Sid's dad.
      • Chris Addison, Capaldi's co-star on The Thick of It, is Professor Blood in generations two and three.
      • Whose Line Is It Anyway? alumnus Josie Lawrence is Sid's mum in the first generation, and host John Sessions plays one of Franky's dads in the third.
      • Harry Enfield plays Effy & Tony Stonem's dad.
      • Manny as Maxxie's dad!
      • Sophie is Naomi's mum and Super Hans is Cook Sr.
      • Sally Phillips is Pandora's overprotective mother.
      • Ronni Ancona (Emily and Katie's mum) is well known for Alistair Mc Gowan's Big Impression. Mc Gowan himself pops up as Nick's South African football coach in series 5.
      • H from Steps makes a small cameo as a hairdresser who works with the Fitches' mum in series 4.
      • Archie is Mini's dad in the third generation, and Kristine Kochanski her mum.
      • Alan Statham from Green Wing pops up as Chris's dad in the first generation, and Martin Dear from the same series as Alex's dad in the third.
    • Franky from the third generation was already fairly recognisable as Lyra from The Golden Compass.

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