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YMMV: Skins
  • Actor Shipping:
    • Lily Loveless and Kathryn Prescott Will. Not. Stop. with the Ship Tease.
    • Also, Jack O'Connell and Kaya Scodelario, who were actually together for quite a while. The shipping started up again after Kaya's boyfriend Elliot Tittensor (dubbed "Etit" by the fandom) was accused of attempted murder.
    • There have also been reports that James Newman and Sofia Black D'elia, who play Tony and Tea in the US remake, are dating.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: While never universally despised, Freddie did have a large and vocal Hatedom (mostly because of Die for Our Ship, though there were also some who just found him boring). Yet, the fandom was outraged by his death.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: It's easier to list the characters who aren't subjected to this.
  • Anti-Sue: Tony Snyder, in the U.S. remake.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Emily's night out in Paris - you know the bit I mean in the novel.
    • Also, Naomi and Emily's random Mexican pregaming scene in season four, episode two.
      • Well, a good chunk of the episode was spent talking about their plans to spend their gap year travelling in Mexico, so at least it was reasonably foreshadowed. The subsequent party they went to, though... I got nothing.
    • At the end of season one, Sid (and others) singing Wild World.
    • And where did the random carnival come from in Freddie's S4 ep?
    • Pandora's song to Effy in the S4 finale - although it seems somewhat in-character, the accompanying techno-ish beat along with all three of them (Pandora, Kate and Effy) producing instruments from nowhere to play along with the song makes the scene look jarringly weird (as well as having Mood Whiplash from the rest of the episode, although that seems to be the scene's point).
      • Actually, they don't produce instruments from nowhere. Pandora hands them out right at the beginning when she sets up the synthesizer thing. It takes a bit for Katie and Effy to join in, but they have them the whole time.
  • Bizarro Episode: Season 2, episode 6 is a very strange episode - it's not certain if everything or possibly even anything that is going on is real, and it incorporates elements of Jungian psychology. An unusual example in that it is in fact a very important part of the show's continuity, finally bringing Tony back to his pre-accident state.
  • Broken Base:
    • The biggest base break came with the introduction of the whole new cast in Series 3, and then yet another one in Series 5. The "best generation" debate (or even the "is it worth watching past X" one) will likely never be resolved.
      • The announcement of a U.S. remake also caused a bit of this: whether it had any chance of being good, whether "true Skins fans" should bother tuning in or not.
    • The Tea/Tony ship in the US version. A lot of lesbian fans were enraged and saw it as an insulting cliche of lesbian characters. A lot of straight fans are convinced that Tea and Tony actually do belong together and that Tea is really straight, or will become straight. Cue flamewar.
    • There have been some pretty intense debates about whether Tony (Stonem) is truly bisexual or was just messing with Maxxie. Cassie, however, doesn't get this so much; it seems to be fan consensus that her period of promiscuity with both boys and girls in S2 was just a ploy to make Sid jealous. There were also some debates as to whether Naomi was bisexual or gay, but the S4 finale put this to rest when her Anguished Declaration of Love made it clear that she was really just Emilysexual.
  • Canon Sue: Franky in S5, when to some her powers as The Heart bordered on the supernatural and she had yet to show any major flaws. Definitely not the case in S6, though, when she becomes more of something between Jerkass Sue and Blackhole Sue.
    • Effy. She's a bitch to everyone, manipulates them so she can get what she wants, and yet everyone falls all over her just because they think she's pretty.
  • Character Development:
  • Character Rerailment:
    • Effy received a lot of criticism initially for the random shifts in her personality with every new series. It's finally explained in Series 4: she was a Stepford Smiler all along and the various shifts were all different masks for her truly disturbed mental state, which finally sees the light of day (although there were Beneath the Mask moments before) in her final series.
    • Naomi's possession of the Conflict Ball in the time between the end of S3 and Emily's S4 episode is explained in the end, in her Anguished Declaration of Love, as being because she was afraid of how fast their relationship was moving and of how strong her feelings for Emily were.
  • Colbert Bump: The soundtrack.
  • Come for the X, Stay for the Y: Skins was initially advertised as just a sex-and-drugs free-for-all, but most fans would say what really made them obsessed with the series was the amazing writing and acting, relatable characters and sophisticated portrayals of teen relationships, much more than the racy subject matter. (And the marketing has caught up as of Generation 3.) The US version is a subversion, though; because it failed in the acting and writing that the original did so well on, even those who just wanted wild party scenes could not stay interested, so it was really more Come For The X Leave For The Y.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. John T. Foster from season 4's "Effy" and "Everyone," Effy's counselor after she attempts suicide, reveals himself to be a twisted Stalker with a Crush for his teenage patient. Knowing Effy's mental issues, Foster steadily makes them worse while alienating her from her family and friends to break her down to virtually a Blank Slate to rebuild as he likes. When her lover Freddy stumbles upon Foster's secret, Foster ambushes him with a baseball bat and beats him to death before attempting to manipulate Effy further into his clutches. When Freddy's friend, the delinquent boy Cook, discovers the truth of Freddy's death, Foster attempts to murder him as well.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • Definitely Tony Snyder in the US remake. Some would also count Matty, for Series 5.
    • Definitely Franky in Series 6. Fans were not happy with the changes to the character, which wouldn't have been so bad if Franky hadn't been the major focus of the series.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entire soundtrack - this is a show that pays very careful attention to its soundtrack.
    • Though not part of the show's actual storylines, it really doesn't get much better than the "Skins Theme" by Fat Segal.
    • "Wild World". That is all.
    • Adele's "Hometown Glory" playing in the scene where an alienated, and now truly alone Cassie, who had ran off to New York after Chris's death takes a bite out of an apple and breaks down in tears is particularly poignant and upsetting considering the character.
    • "True". On. Ukeleles.
      • Followed up with "Gold" at the end of the following scene, which somehow also manages to work with the credits and "Next Time" trailer perfectly.
    • Für Elise over the climax of the Napalm Death concert.
    • Alo's dubstepisode is made of this.
    • For two straight days I have been unable to get With You by Crystal Fighters out of my head.
  • Die for Our Ship:
    • The reason a lot of people didn't like Michelle.
    • Freddie also got quite a bit of this when it became clear that he and Effy were the Official Couple.
    • Parodied by the Naomily fandom with their reactions to Mandy/Mandeh; she was an obvious Romantic False Lead from the start, but that didn't mean the fans weren't going to have their fun with unflattering Fan Nicknames and memes while it lasted.
      • More serious with some Naomily shippers' attitudes toward JJ, even though he was an even clearer case (to the point where "Romantic False Lead" would be generous). By the time of the scene that made the fans mad, Emily was already completely out to him and had had sex with Naomi, and she even told JJ that their sex was a "one-time-only charity event".
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Nobody predicted Emily as the most popular character in the second generation.
    • Naomily as a couple almost certainly qualify for this. The ship is so popular that there's a whole book being written about it.
    • JJ is also popular to some extent due to his lovable Adorkable nature and kindness.
    • And from the first generation, Cassie and Maxxie, with the latter's absence from the US remake sending raging shockwaves throughout the fandom.
    • After he was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in S4, Cook became this for a lot of people.
    • Michelle was this in the American version, with many fans preferring her to the original Michelle.
    • Despite not being well liked to start with, Mini has become one of the most popular characters from Gen 3.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: It's a not a good idea to mention Skins Fire to anyone.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Cook/Effy has a huge following, and in some corners of the fandom, like the LiveJournal Skins community, it is more popular than Freddie/Effy. And then there's Cook/Freddie...
    • For Gen 3, Franky/Mini, or Minky if you like, is probably the most popular ship except maybe Rich/Grace. It's infinitely more popular than Mini/Nick considering it's effectively been sunk and ahead of Alo/Mini, which is a popular pairing following Alo's season 5 episode. (And it's obviously way more popular than Franky/Matty, one of the least popular canon couples in the history of Skins.)
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • This one:
    Chris: " Yeah, you'll move in with him and I could be, like, dying, yeah, and you wouldn't even know about it."
    • The next episode... (sob)
    • In Freddie's episode in Series 3, Naomi answers a question in English class about Hamlet, comparing Hamlet to a teenage boy and very obviously drawing parallels between him and Freddie. She finishes by saying (paraphrasing here) "... he ends up so boring somebody has to kill him." Until Effy's episode in Series 4, that was a harmless joke.
      • It's interesting because the few fans who defend the decision to kill Freddie off say exactly that - that he had become too boring and there was nothing left for the show to do with him.
  • Gateway Series: Many fans of the series (particularly international ones) were subsequently introduced to other British teen shows such as Misfits and The Inbetweeners.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • YMMV, but Jal's S1 episode seems to be a lot more enjoyable for classical music fans and/or former band geeks than for those who aren't into music. Classical fans will also recognize the two pieces she performs in the episode - the opening solo from Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Mozart's Clarinet Concerto - as two staples of the clarinet repertoire. In fact, they're popular requirements as an orchestral excerpt and a concerto (respectively) for university auditions, which Jal will be up for in a year. Shown Their Work, indeed.
    • In generation 2, there's also the use of various Debussy works throughout JJ's S3 episode.
    • The various books Tony and Cassie read as members of the Genius Book Club are often related to the events of the episodes in which they are seen. For example, Tony reading Thus Spake Zarathustra in Sid's S1 episode which features Tony at his most Übermenschian, or Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (about a young girl coming to terms with her homosexuality) in the episode where he has sex with Maxxie. Cassie's choice of Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman to read to Chris in her S2 episode functions more as a nod back to her struggle with anorexia in S1, but could also be seen as foreshadowing: A major theme of the book is alienation, something Cassie would experience as a result of Chris's death.
  • He Really Can Act: Chris Addison in Rich's series 6 episode.
  • Informed Attractiveness
    • Is Michelle really that much better looking than Cassie or Jal?
    • Franky of the third generation is described as 'beautiful' much more often than any of the other girls in the group. While she's not unattractive, one could agree that she's actually the most plain of them (regardless of the Girliness Upgrade).
  • Internet Backdraft: Effy's S4 episode caused a bit of a ruckus.
    • Things only got worse with the S4 finale, due to it being so open-ended.
    • Previous Internet Backdrafts included Tony getting hit by a bus at the end of S1 (and people didn't find out what happened to him after that until the S2 premiere) and Chris's death in the penultimate episode of S2. And some of the Naomily fans probably weren't too happy about Emily sleeping with JJ, considering what a lesbian cliche that plot point was.
    • The third generation had two with the beginning of series 6: first, the announcement before the series started that Mini was officially straight and Mini/Franky wasn't happening and then after the second episode, Grace's death. The changes to Franky's character in S6, particularly her Girliness Upgrade and her sudden promiscuity also caused a lot of this over the course of the series.
    • The US version is its own Internet Backdraft, though within that version's fandom, Tea/Tony is a big one, for the same reasons as Emily/JJ but even more so since the ship is actually one of the more popular ones among the U.S. cast and because her relationship with Tony was Tea's main storyline. At least with Emily/JJ it was clearly a pity-screw from the outset.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • In S2, Tony after the accident, and definitely Cassie.
    • Arguably some people's view of Cook, especially in S4.
    • In S4, Naomi Took a Level in Jerkass by cheating on Emily with Sophia - and the show promptly started woobifying her for it.
    • From Generation 3, Mini and sometimes Liv.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Got a lot of this with the Naomi/Emily coupling in the third and fourth series, elevating them to Super Couple status and earning the series much of its overseas fanbase. The American version aimed for this with lesbian character Tea, but lost it when they decided to pair her with a male character.
  • Memetic Molester: From Gen 3, Matty has become one of these on account of his creepy stares and a certain trailer.
  • Narm: Freddie's line to Effy in 3x05 is definitely this: "Now I've told you. Now you know."
    • Also, Matty to Franky:
    "Then why do I see a fucking beautiful headfuck thing?"
    • Effy's breakdown in 4x07: "No that never happened! It happened but it never happened! It happened but it never happened! It happened but it never happened!"
  • Moral Event Horizon: John Foster, of the second generation, crosses this with the brutal murder of Freddie.
    • Josh Stock polevaults over the line when he tries to force Tony to have sex with his sister.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Subverted with the US version. It lost eight advertisers due to the Parents Television Council's trumped-up charges of it being "child porn." It was eventually canceled at the end of the season, though it's hard to say if its low ratings were solely due to the controversy, because of MTV not promoting it well enough, because of low fan and critical reception, or a combination of the three.
  • No Yay:
    • When Maxxie and Sketch kiss in Osama! The Musical, especially when Maxxie, as a good actor, puts his all into it. We're quickly relieved when we hear him whispering to Sketch that he felt nothing and hated kissing her.
    • The Franky, Matty and Liv threesome is considered No Yay in universe and by many Fans, starting with Matty's reaction to the implication of Three-Way Sex with the two girls, and later Franky's Freak Out when Matty is on top of her.
    • Certain fans' reactions to Tea/Tony in the US remake, because of Tea's sexual orientation. Also Tea's in-universe reaction to all of their sexual encounters.
      • Also how a lot of people reacted to when Emily had sex with JJ in the original, for the same reasons.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: "Naomily", universally accepted by the fanbase within about half a second. There's also "Freffy".
    • There are also the much less well-known Sassie(Sid/Cassie), Chral(Chris/Jal), Ceffy(Cook/Effy), Jatie(JJ/Katie), Keffy(Katie/Effy) and Taxxie(Tony/Maxxie).
    • There's also Effily (Effy/Emily), Pantho (Panda/Thomas), Nookie (Cook/Naomi), Frook (Freddie/Cook), and Catie (Cook/Katie).
      • From the third generation, Minky (Mini/Franky) and possilbly Malo(Mini/Alo).
      • Also from gen three we have the unfortunate Fatty/Fratty/Manky (Franky/Matty, which is essentially universally disliked) and Nilo (Nick/Alo).
  • Relationship Writing Fumble:
    • Effy's first major piece of dialogue was a short on the Season 1 DVD; arguably, an elaborate metaphor detailing her desire to leave everyone and everything else behind just to be with Tony. (''And they went and found a nice little house to live in together. Her and her brother.'') Katie's attachment to Emily in their Series 3 episode also seems a bit strong to be sisterly (getting jealous of Naomi, Emily's love interest). Overall, one gets the impression that the Skins writers have a bit of trouble writing sibling relationships that don't include Incest Subtext, and it's not like the fans haven't picked up on it (Stonemcest is surprisingly popular in the fanbase for what it is).
    • Tea and Tony in the US remake. Bryan Elsley and Sofia Black D'elia have indicated in interviews (see below under "Ship Sinking") that Tea is supposed to be clearly uncomfortable whenever she's with Tony, that there's no sexual/romantic attraction and she's mistaking a friendship-type chemistry for that. However, many fans see Tea as having more chemistry with Tony than with Betty or any other girl on the show, and it continues to be one of the most popular ships among Skins US fans (it's currently second in the MTV poll after Michelle/Stanley). The reaction is unsurprising when you realize how much time the show has developed the Tony/Tea relationship compared to others, including Tea/Betty. Even with the series finale, where Tea apologies for leading Tony on and chooses Betty as a way of finally sinking the Tony/Tea ship, we still see Tony write Tea a love letter, and the two characters holding hands after they find Eura. With even Michelle interpreting the latter as a sign that the two are still together, how can you expect the viewers to react differently?
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Dev Patel after Slumdog Millionaire, his Star-Making Role.
    • Joe Dempsie (Chris) as Gendry and Hannah Murray (Cassie) as Gilly on Game of Thrones.
    • Kaya Scodelario (Effy) and Nicholas Hoult (Tony) are much bigger stars now than they were before Skins, starring in movies like Clashof The Titans and X-Men: First Class respectively. Scodelario was even one considered for the role of Katniss Everdeen, though she lost out to Jennifer Lawrence (who is, coincidentally, Nicholas Hoult's real-life girlfriend).
    • Lily Loveless (Naomi) is now starring on The Fades.
      • She's not the only one. The aforementioned Joe Dempsie also came in later on in the series in the Fades, as another main character.
    • Luke Pasqualino (Freddie), after playing Paolo the groom on The Borgias.
    • Kathryn Prescott (Emily) on the MTV series "Finding Carter"
  • Romantic Plot Tumor / Malignant Plot Tumor: How many people saw the Freddie/Effy storyline in S4.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Certain fans' reaction to Emily in S4. As a result of Naomi's cheating, Emily tried to find love elsewhere, hooking up with a total of two other girls during the season (only one of those "hook-ups" being sexual). And yet, the way you hear the Fan Dumb going on about Emily "turning slutty," you'd think she'd shagged every lesbian in Bristol.
    • Also some fans' reactions to Michelle in S2 for getting in between One True Pairing Sid and Cassie - despite the fact that they had already broken up due to Sid misinterpreting Cassie's video. Similar to Emily above, many called her a "slut" or "whore" for getting with Sid, even in comparison to Cassie, who actually went through a period of extreme promiscuity in S2.
    • There's a small, but Vocal Minority of the lesbian fans in the series who hate JJ because of that one scene at the end of his S3 episode where he gets a pity shag from Emily.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Some people just can not stand Michelle.
    • Cook and Katie initially, before being Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in S4.
    • Matty in Gen 3.
    • Tony and Abbud in the US remake.
    • In terms of minor characters, Jenna Fitch for her over-the-top homophobia (although she became more sympathetic in Katie's S4 episode), and Andrea for being a one-person Conflict Ball in the S4 premiere.
  • Seasonal Rot:
    • Series 4. You'd be hard-pressed to find a fan who doesn't consider it the show's low point, the only debate is over how low of a point it is. (Some fans think it's irredeemable, while others think that the top-notch Cook and Katie episodes in the middle make up for the series's messy beginning and messier ending.)
    • Series 6 is now starting to compete with S4 for this title, largely due to how little of a connection it had with the events of S5.
  • Ship Sinking:
    • Generation 1:
      • Sid/Michelle appeared to be in the latter's S1 episode. They actually were in Effy's episode in S2.
      • Tony/Maxxie in Michelle's S1 episode. Tony/Abigail in Sid's S2 episode.
      • Both Chris/Angie and Anwar/Sketch in Chris's S2 episode.
    • Generation 2:
      • Cook to Naomi: "I'm never gonna get to bone you, am I?"
      • Cook and Effy are also effectively laid to rest in the same episode.
      • Effy choosing Freddie over Cook in the S3 finale sank Freddie/Katie.
      • With JJ being an Ensemble Darkhorse and all, fans of his were disappointed that his fling with Emily was just a "pity-shag".
    • Generation 3:
      • Mini and Nick are sunk in the latter's S5 episode,Liv and Nick are sunk in his episode,and Matty and Liv are sunk in the S5 finale. Weirdly, the show hooked up Mini with Alo in S6 without really doing anything to definitively sink Mini/Franky other than just never mentioning it again. S6 also featured the sinking of Rich/Grace (thanks to the latter's death) and the rising and sinking of Liv/Alex (thanks to Incompatible Orientation).
    • U.S. Remake:
      • Though it hasn't been sunk in-story yet, Bryan Elsley effectively made it clear in this interview that Tea is indeed a lesbian and she is not going to end up with Tony. The series finale was supposed to sink it in canon - see Relationship Writing Fumble above.
      • The events of Tina's episode sunk her relationship with Chris.
  • Ships That Pass In The Night:
    • Some view Matty and Franky this way. While there was definite UST beforehand (despite the fact that they've barely interacted) it was possibly jarring to see Matty all but admit his love for Franky in Grace's episode.
    • Some fans of the US remake felt that Stanley/Cadie was just a particularly desperate attempt to follow the original (where Sid/Cassie were easily the first generation's most popular Official Couple), and that Stanley's attraction to Cadie was never really explained.
    • Franky seems to have a knack for attracting this, as Nick's interest in her in S6 also came completely out of nowhere.
    • Mini/Alo arguably had some hints in S5, but they were extremely subtle, especially under the mountain of Mini/Franky subtext in that season. So when the S6 premiere featured Mini jumping at Alo in bed, plenty of fans reacted with accusations of this.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat:
    • Averted in UK Gen 1 with Sid/Michelle vs. Sid/Cassie - fans overwhelmingly preferred the latter, even those who weren't big Cassie fans.
    • Freddie/Effy vs. Cook/Effy in Gen 2.
    • From Gen 3 there's Mini/Franky vs. Mini/Alo. Largely averted with Mini/Franky vs. Franky/Matty, due to Matty being The Scrappy.
    • In the U.S. remake, there is Tea/Betty (or Tea/any girl) vs. Tea/Tony, and Michelle/Stanley vs. Cadie/Stanley.
  • Strangled by the Red String:
  • Strawman Has a Point: Sketch's speech to Anwar in the S2 finale. She's wrong to try to alienate him from his friends just to make him be with her, but she's right that years down the road, he and his friends will probably grow apart to at least some degree.
  • Super Couple: People thought Sid/Cassie was popular and universally adored by fans... and then along came Generation 2, and Naomi/Emily not only became perhaps the most beloved couple in the show's history, but the pairing became icons in LGBT media visibility, acclaimed and celebrated well outside the Skins fandom. Granted, this has become common for a lot of LGBT characters, especially on shows aimed at teenagers: but few couples, same-sex or opposite-sex, get a book just on the ship itself, or have phrases coined about them like "the Naomily phenomenon."
  • Tear Jerker: Now has its own page.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • It's generally accepted within the fanbase that S4 spent way too much time on Effy and Freddie, while wasting a lot of storylines with more potential like Thomas and Pandora's relationship issues, or developing Thomas and JJ's friendship (which seemingly came out of nowhere). Effy's S4 episode, in particular, elicited a lot of comments along the lines of "It would have been such a beautiful episode if it weren't for the horrible ending!"
    • S6 got this with every character and plot, but particularly with regard to Franky (whose character seemed to be completely rewritten for S6) as well as Mini's sexual orientation.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • A lot of the statements from the show about Franky's Girliness Upgrade in S6 were that her new, girly style was about her gaining confidence, suggesting that her previous style was because of a lack of confidence. Which would make sense if in S5 she had been covering up with baggy sweatshirts or something, but her outfits were actually quite well-coordinated and thought-out - or, as Autostraddle put it, she "clearly had a passion for a certain kind of fashion." In that light, it seems as though the show was suggesting that any masculinity in women is due to a lack of confidence.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Most of the Generation 3 characters started out this way, with the exception of Franky, Grace and Alo. Luckily, Character Development came in to save the day for all of them - except Matty, who remains The Scrappy.
    • The American remake with Tony, and arguably Tea as well.
    • Definitely Cook at first. Even Katie was supposed to be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by the events of Effy's S3 episode, but it really took until Katie's own episode in S4 for that to happen.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Chris and Angie's relationship, for American viewers. As the relevant trope illustrates, American media tends to take a particularly strong stance against Teacher/Student Romance, even compared to other modern Western nations. It's probably why Chris and Tina's relationship in the U.S. remake ended with Tina being fired and charged as a sex offender, and prohibited from contacting Chris again, instead of the more neutral UK ending, where Angie never gets found out and never loses her job - Chris simply chooses Jal in the end and Angie skips town. This is partly due to a difference in laws regarding Teacher/Student Romance in the two countries: U.K.'s age of consent is solidly and universally 16. In the U.S., however, teacher-student sex at the high-school level on down is always illegal, even when the student could ordinarily consent (the age of which varies by state, but tends to be 18 in media thanks to SoCalization). Therefore, Angie's actions were perhaps unethical but not illegal, whereas Tina was actually committing a serious crime.
    • A decade ago, "lesbian" characters who slept with men were a dime a dozen, often the only way to get homophobic viewers to accept them. However, the US remake of Skins ignited quite a controversy over Tea, a character touted as a "confident lesbian," spending so much time mooning over and sleeping with Tony, with even a lot of straight reviewers attacking it for relying on a tired and offensive cliche. Along with a similar firestorm over The Kids Are All Right, it showed just how much Society Marches On.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Had S4 had the full 9-10 episodes instead of getting Screwed by the Network, Pandora and Naomi would have had their own episodes. In fact, the finale was initially planned to be all Naomi's, but because of the shorter season they had to use it to wrap up some other storylines, too.
    • Even among those who didn't like the U.S. remake, many are upset over the show's cancellation simply because they wanted to see how much or how little the second season would diverge from its British counterpart. Particularly of interest is how Elsley was planning to redeem the Tony/Tea/Betty triangle from its Relationship Writing Fumble in the first season.
      • And a lot of fans of the British version are wishing it because of how Elsley's return changed the plan for Series 6. Especially lesbian viewers, since Brittain had promised to develop Mini's sexuality more in S6, and fans of Grace or her relationship with Rich, as she probably would not have died since Brittain had said he was planning to abandon the previous generations' Rise and Fall pattern.
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?: Common fan reactions to Freddie's and Liv's wardrobes on the show, and occasionally individual items on other characters, like Mini's gold bike shorts.
  • The Woobie:
    • Let's face it, everyone from the first generation took turns at being the Woobie. Cassie and Chris, for many reasons; Michelle, due to Tony's cheating; Sid, due to the twists and turns with his relationship with Cassie as well as his dad's death; Maxxie, first because of Anwar's homophobia and then Sketch's stalking; and in the latter half of Series 2, Jal more than anyone (as Michelle helpfully points out). Even Tony had his turn thanks to his accident. And Anwar finally gets his moment in the generation finale when he flunks ALL his A-levels, thinking he's stuck in Bristol forever with just Sketch.
    • Second Generation had JJ, Emily, Pandora and Freddie. Also Cook and Effy, in S4. Even Katie got some Woobie bits in her S4 episode.
    • Franky, completely, in her episode. Mini became a big Woobie later on, with all the crap she was put through by Nick and Liv. And Alo and Grace each took turns in their episodes.
    • In the US remake, Michelle and Betty.
  • X-Pac Heat:
    • As mentioned above, Merveille Lukeba's big ego made him very unpopular in the fandom - particularly during S4, when Merv ranted and raved on Twitter about how fans were more interested in Naomily than in Thomas and Pandora, even insulting Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless's acting skills.
    • James Newman from the US version was absolutely hated as much as Tony for his lack of acting skills

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