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Trivia: SimCity
  • Call Back/ Brick Joke: One of the bits of trivia that appeared in SimCity 3000 was that Maxis is Six AM spelled backwards. In SimCity 2013, the moving trucks all had '6 AM' along with an inversed version of the Maxis crescent painted on them.
  • Creator Backlash: Will Wright defended the changes in Societies, saying that the series had gotten far too complex, and he personally enjoyed each one less and less. The gamers who actually thought complexity was the whole point weren't satisfied with that answer, moving onto other complex city-building games that didn't set the gaming world on fire, mostly due to the complexity getting too out of hand.
  • Executive Meddling: According to Wright, the publisher refused to release the original SimCity as is, because they felt players would feel the need to have a win condition. Wright appeased them by including winnable scenarios - and of course, the scenarios were the least popular feature of the game.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Windows 95 version of SimCity 2000 is typically considered superior to the DOS version, but GOG only offers the DOS version for digital download. This is technically because it's much easier to get it running on modern computers (it simply requires bundling the game with DOSBox, as opposed to reverse engineering the entire game code), but it's still somewhat annoying.
  • No Export for You: The rare Sim City 64. It was released only in Japan due to it being for the Nintendo64 Disk Drive, a failed module which died within months of being released.
  • Shrug of God: The developers of SimCity 2013 are on the record for saying they always anticipated traffic would be an added challenge in the game. Translation: "We're as stumped as actual city planners. Tough."
  • Port Overdosed: The original 1989 game is one of the most widespread games of the era, appearing on almost every computer platform available at the time, in addition to later console/handheld and cell phone ports.
    • 2000 also counts, though its complexity and relatively high requirements resulted in compromises that's the root of all the issues that got it branded a Porting Disaster- specifically, being ported to systems that had even less memory or processing power than what the base game was written for.
  • Rereleased For Free: The original game has been re-released under an open-source licence as "Micropolis".
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: What most fans assume in the train wreck of the SimCity 2013 launch. Part of this will depend if SimCity 2013 kills the franchise due to the backlash.

  • Will Wright developed Raid on Bungeling Bay (1984), but discovered he was having fun building cities out of the tools he was working with. Hence SimCity was born.

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