Trivia / PB&J Otter

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series was never released officially on DVD or even on VHS. Once the series was removed from Playhouse Disney, this trope was pretty much the only option for those who had enjoyed the series but missed episodes, or who later discovered the series. Then Disney Junior, the network that replaced Playhouse Disney, began airing daily repeats (mornings on weekdays, 11:30 P.M. on weekends) of the program on September 4, 2012. However, those getting non-U.S. feeds of the channel may not be as lucky. Many of the episodes were available to watch on YouTube for a time until Disney stepped in to remove almost all of them and knowing their track record with their other older cartoons, they'll have no plans to make fans happy by releasing the series.
  • Out of Order: Save original broadcasts, holiday or seasonal-themed episodes are aired out of order and this practice has continued on Disney Junior.
    • In early November 2012, Disney Junior aired episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the Otter timeslot with no explanation and little advance notice. When airings of Otter resumed, rather than airing the skipped episodes, they picked up exactly in the point of the continuation as if the previous airings hadn't been pre-empted. Fortunately, no major specials such as "Hope Castle" were skipped and the network doesn't show any signs of planning to discontinue airings of the program (the first season is on the schedule once the third ends), so hopefully those skipped installments will be picked up on the back-end.
  • Talking to Himself: Both Pinch and her brother Scootch are voiced by Cody Pennes.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: A number of episode guides and wikis for the series assert that there was going to be a TV-movie length installment titled PB&J Otter and the Legend of Snaildarter to wrap up the series. However, given that there are no other sources, and no known concept artwork or script material available from this, it may very well be made up.