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The characters of PB&J Otter are home-schooled and self-taught.

The show presents a Slice of Life of kids ranging from about 3-8 years old and yet there's one element almost always found in other shows of this type that's conspicuously absent - school! Of course, this is never discussed even in passing on the show itself, as the idea of homeschooling is completely taboo to mention on any mainstream U.S. network.
  • Or, it could be a "very long" summer vacation. And let's face it. To some, school is boring which is most likely why it is left out.

Flick's father is dead.

It's a children's show so Never Say "Die" is in full force. However, there may be subtle hints. All the other kids live with both parents, except for Munchy. (But at least his father is mentioned as living "on the other side of the lake" and Munchy even talks about the presents his father has gotten him, such as a toy boat.) If Flick's father died, that explains why his mom is so permissive and why everyone is upset when they think Flick is missing. It's also why Flick is constantly seeking attention or trying to prove himself to be brave. He doesn't have a father figure around to discipline him or set a good example.
  • Most likely due to a divorce.