Funny / PB&J Otter

  • In "Opal and the New Otter," Jelly at first doesn't want to play with Pinch's cousin Ricky, considering him to be too stuck-up and citified, and a show-off. Opal tells her and Peanut a story about her meeting Ernest (her husband / their father), who she too felt much the same way about when he first moved to town, which ends with her marrying him. After the story's over, Jelly says that she thought it was a good story, but asks if it means that she has to marry Ricky.
  • Flick and his antics are often good for a laugh. For example, in "Sleepyhead," when two songbirds whose song helps Mr. Raccoon to sleep fly away, Flick suggests that if Mr. Raccoon likes bird songs, then he can take care of that. When Pinch comments that her father only needs to hear "nice sounds," he comments that he always sounds nice and proceeds to fly up to his window and sing a truly awful screechy tune. The kids wonder how he could possibly sleep with that racket and Mr. Raccoon comes up behind them and comments that he can't, asking why Flick is doing it. (Note for those who may have never seen the show: Flick's voice is comparable to Gilbert Gottfried as Iago in the Aladdin films.)
  • Peanut's protestations of the Noodle Dance. He generally lasts about five seconds at most before his toes start tapping and the song begins. Bonus points if he's still absorbed in dancing after the "Noodle Dance" music has stopped playing.
  • In "The Legend of Ponce de L'Otter", when the Otter kids need an idea on how to retrieve Ponce de L'Otter's lost telescope from the bottom of Lake Hoohaw, Butter has one, which is shown in an Imagine Spot due to her only being able to speak in Baby Language. In her imagine spot, she takes off her diaper and tosses it in the lake, wherein it absorbs all the water and swells up to the size of a house. Unfortunately, Peanut and Jelly are unable to understand Butter, so they can only guess her idea was a good one.
  • Connie and Cap'n Crane are often good for a laugh as their antics come across as something of a Straight Man and Wise Guy routine, with Connie as the straight man and Cap'n as the wise guy.
  • All of the tickling and the "Tippecanoe and Tickle Me Too" song in "Butter's First Checkup." The song and the tickling are all good fun and the laughter is infectious, as well as a lot of good humor when the characters "trick" each other into saying "Tippecanoe and tickle me too."
    Butter: 'ickle!