Funny / The Pebble and the Penguin

  • "I caught you a herring, where should I put it?" Wait for it, Rocko's about to walk right into this joke... "Put it there."
  • "Look's Like I Got Me A Friend"
  • Hubie and Rocko being scared by a thunderstorm. What Rocko says as he and Hubie run around trying to avoid being struck by lightning sells it.
    Rocko: Fire in the sky! Fire in the sky, fire in the sky! Hide, hide, hide, hide!
  • Rocko's reaction after Hubie told him that Waldo (a penguin Hubie mentioned early in the film) is not real
  • Rocko's line when they're faced with Killer Whales, and Hubie loses his pebble again.
    Rocko: Pebble? Your pebble? Forget about the blasted pebble! I don't wanna hear "pebble" from you!