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Trivia / Never Mind the Buzzcocks

  • Missing Episode: The episode with Russell Brand as team captain was pulled on account of his involvement in the prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs row. It finally aired in early 2011.
  • Money, Dear Boy:
    • Catherine Tate joked about not knowing much about music but agreeing to host the show because her kitchen extension wouldn't pay for itself.
    • As part of an overall pattern of self-deprecation while hosting, James Blunt asked where the world would be without his hit song "You're Beautiful," and then followed it up by saying that he'd be living in a "much much much smaller house."
    • While guest hosting, Josh Groban claimed that he made a guest appearance on Glee for artistic reasons: "I made a statue — out of cash."
  • Old Shame:
    • Sean's old Channel 4 sitcom Sean's Show, which Mark claimed they doubled the viewing figures of every time they showed a clip to everyone on both teams. Also Phill's involvement with Red Wedge (see below).
    • When Vic Reeves was on, Mark tormented him (in revenge for constantly being referred to as a "Fifties Throwback" on Shooting Stars) by repeatedly playing the opening bars of a bizarre song apparently entitled "Bo, Fantasia!" that Vic recorded in his youth.
    • And poor Simon
  • Shout-Out: To Doctor Who in Series 28 : One round of the ID parade featured people with miscellaneous headgear behind paper screens and unlike normal, had to be identified by voice. One of the people wore a Cyberman helmet visible by silhouette, so if he was the correct answer, he would have to break through the paper screen.
  • What Could Have Been: The show was originally going to be named solely after the Sex Pistols album, but The BBC thought that might be a bit much. You can kind of see their point.
    • Series 19, episode 3, the one featuring Bill Oddie being "utterly mental", is comedy gold. The other member of Bill Bailey's team in this particular episode was Tony Mortimer of East 17, but during his introduction, Simon casually mentions that Mortimer is only there because Amy Winehouse cancelled. Winehouse appeared the following week and was "a bit tipsy", as Simon put it. Can you imagine what an episode with Winehouse and Oddie on the same team would have been like?