Heartwarming / Never Mind the Buzzcocks

  • When Sean left the show at the end of series 10, Phill's team threw roses at Sean while Phill himself went over to give him a bearhug.
  • The episode where Simon spent the entire episode in a pink bunny suit. Even notable Grumpy Bear Jack Dee said that the suit made him happier.
  • When Lily Allen was freaking out over not having gotten a single point, Simon stands up to give her a hug, cueing the audience to go "Awww". He then announces that the round was over immediately after having given her that hug.
  • Harsher in Hindsight or not, Simon's obvious concern for Amy Winehouse when she was on the show was still touching.
  • On one round of The Identity Parade, Ben Miller declared that everyone in the line-up was very beautiful. Given what people normally say about those in the line-up, it was actually quite touching.
  • When Peter Andre was a guest host, he attempted a bonus round where he would read out some crazy celebrity shenanigans (in first person), and the teams would have to guess what celebrity it was. However, the moment he begins the round with "Who am I?", Noel responds "Peter Andre!" Peter acknowledges the joke and then attempts to start the round again ... only for the same thing to happen. This continues each time he tries to begin the round, with other panelists getting in on it by telling Peter Andre to ask them. This includes Ana Matronic answering "Jordan's ex-husband!" Eventually Peter pretty much gives up and is going to start the round without asking "Who am I?", but Tony Law starts insisting that Peter ask him. And when he does get asked, he responds with a genuine "One of the nicest people I've ever met, frankly."