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Trivia: Legacy of Kain
  • Fan Nickname: "Blood Reaver" is the LOK fans' name given to the Reaver sword that doesn't yet have Raziel's soul inside of it.
  • Franchise Killer: After the first three games did very strong, Blood Omen 2 got average reviews, and to fans of the series its story and design aesthetic were a complete departure from the rest of the franchise. The series stumbled on to Defiance, which got a bit better reception on both fronts, but it wasn't enough to save the series.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: That's right, people. Minister Claude Frollo is the Elder God. Unless you know him better as Megabyte.
    • And Constable Odo is Janos Audron.
    • Simon Templeman is getting around the videogame scene as of late; even when Defiance was new, he wasn't in many other titles, and was usually just a random bit part when he was in something else. It can be jarring for anyone who played this series to hear him these days, particularly as Loghain in Dragon Age: Origins, where he's doing the "Kain Voice" on a character with a lot of screen time.note 
    • Let's not forget Chaz Finster/Drew Pickles, Nihlathak, and The Prophet as Raziel.
      • For the German version of Soul Reaver 2, we have Udo Schenk as Raziel... who also voiced Voldemort from HP 4's movie version onwards
    • For Turel, we have the voice of Jecht.
    • In the Italian dub of Defiance, Kain is hammly voiced by Piccolo's voice actor, while the even hammier Raziel is Deidara. Furthermore, the Elder God is Sir Crocodile, Mortanius is Barbossa and one of the female vampire hunter mooks is voiced by Sakura/Bulma/Nami's voice actress.
    • In the French dub, Kain is Morgan Freeman and Raziel is Kevin Costner. For real.
    • Their voices aren't particularly alike, but if you're aware of it you can hear the similarities: Ariel is voiced by Skylar White, of all people.
  • One of Us: Hilariously inverted; in the behind-the-scenes feature for Soul Reaver 2, Michael Bell tells of how he had to actually buy a Playstation when Crystal Dynamics sent him a free copy of Soul Reaver. He was eager to see the entire game because of how he imagined it would turn out from the script, and because he used his talent for multiple voices to cover several characters. Being a non-gamer, he couldn't handle the platforming at all and spent two hours trying (and failing) to pass the platforming portion of the tutorial, only for his daughter to be so far beyond it the scene was unrecognizable when he came back from getting a beer out of the fridge.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Don't expect Blood Omen I to be rereleased on any time soon, due to a spectacular case of Executive Meddling-induced legal bridge-burning between Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics (with Activision as an involved sideline third party), which is best left explained in details by NeoGAF user Mama Robotnik.
  • Talking to Himself - Michael Bell, Raziel's voice actor, also played Melchiah and various antagonists. Taken to its logical extreme when Raziel confronts his past self.

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