Trivia: La-Mulana

  • Development Hell: The WiiWare remake was originally planned for a Window 2009 release window, but problems stirred concerning the game itself that NIGORO needed to re-work the game and ultimately delay it. This happened again in 2010 when there was a problem on getting the game to WiiWare and getting Nintendo's approval. It was finally released on WiiWare on June 21, 2011... only in Japan. Due to the decline of the WiiWare service, it was canceled by NICALiS from its overseas release in May 2012, much to fans' dismay (and anger).
    • Saved from Development Hell: The overseas release of the game was finally released in July 13, 2012 for PC during the launch of the English-language page for Playism, a Japanese Digital Distribution store by Active Media Gaming Co. that sells and distributes indie games.
    • Un-Canceled: As mentioned on the main page, the WiiWare version of La-Mulana's remake was picked up by the Spanish, Barcelonian-based EnjoyUp Games as the WiiWare's new publisher, and it was finally released on September 20, 2012, and fans couldn't be happier.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The WiiWare version's credits, note the familiar names in the Special Thanks? They have Madamluna and DeceasedCrab's names in it.
    • Jasmine "Momogirl" Cote herself has confirmed that she is now one of the translators for the US release. She is also on the Special Thanks list.
  • Recursive Adaptation: The game started out as a PC game, then was remade for WiiWare, then that got ported back to PC.
  • Take That: The first page of the manual is a jab at newer generations of video games, as well as gamers of the current generation:
    "For those used to the new-style of really easy games, it may be very hard to beat La-Mulana. But that's OK. We're looking for those gamers that could in days past defeat Druaga, bring the baby back safely from the clutches of Gallious, and sealed the Evil Crystal."
    • If you're an NES fanatic, a couple of Xelpud's quotes might piss you off a bit.
    • A minor one: F1 Spirit (a real MSX game) is available in a store for 130 coins. F1 Spirit 3D (also an MSX game) is available in the same shop, costs 5 Coins. When combined with the MSX version of Contra, it either drains your health, or makes you a One-Hit-Point Wonder.
    • In the remake one of Xelpud's ramblings has him complaining that a new game he just downloaded is too easy and contains too many hints. This could be a Take That Me, since the remake has Xelpud give many more hints to early puzzles than you got in the original game.
    • Also in the remake, show Xelpud the Crystal Skull and he'll comment that a lousy movie was made about it.
    • The remake also has a bit of Self-Deprecation with one block puzzle in the Twin Labyrinths that was unsolvable in the original (as the original's double jump was more restrictive than the remake's, making it impossible to access one of the blocks). The nearby tablet states "those that created this contraption are fools; they made a puzzle that could not be solved."
  • The Wiki Rule: There was a wiki which had a mix of database problems, spambots, and absent admin caused. The remake's wiki was always safe, but the original eventually vaporized and was only saved by manually importing content from the Internet Archive to Wikia.