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Funny: La-Mulana
  • If you're not bawling over the Hell Temple reward, you're most likely laughing your ass off.
    • In the remake, Lemeza actually gets to wear it outside of the scene where he obtains it, complete with incredibly silly alternate animations and special reactions from Xelpud and Mulbruk.
  • The tablets in the Gate of Time are rather amusing, most of them complaining about having to write the same information again. One simply reads something like "I'm sick of writing."
  • The remake's Hell Temple: Getting punched into a Land of Hell by a giant fist out of nowhere.
  • In the Steam version, there are four achievements for getting killed by instant-kill traps or getting punched by the aforementioned stone fist, all sharing the name "This is La-Mulana".
  • The computer saleswoman on the surface, if you don't complete transactions. "You're not buying? AW HELL NO IMMA TEAR YOU APART!"
  • The very end of the game, when Shorn STEALS THE TREASURE OF LA-MULANA FROM HIS SON.
  • One tablet in the Endless Corridor calls you a fool four times in a row.
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