Tear Jerker / La-Mulana

  • In a sense, what lay behind the Giants' civil war. Migela's faction wanted to restore the Mother to the heavens, the whole reason the Mother created them. But Sakit's faction wanted her to stay. Effectively, they didn't want to be abandoned by their creator. Essentially, it was a clash not between good and evil, but between two different understandings of filial love.
    • The final tablet about it, too:
      We could not grant the Great Mother's wish. I am the only one to remain, and here I go to my long, final rest. —Abt
    • The Mausoleum of the Giants' backside counterpart, the Graveyard of the Giants. As the title indicates, it's littered with the corpses of long-dead giants, and is cold to the point of frosting and icing. In contrast to the Mausoleum being a grandiose tribute to the Giants, the Graveyard highlights the coldness of the Giants' fates: disposed of and left to sleep forever with neither faction having reached a peaceful resolution to the whole conflict.
  • The scene after you defeat the Mother also counts, especially in the remake. The Mother lays on the ground while extending her hand towards Lemeza and cries out in anguish before succumbing to her death.
  • The entire premise, really. The Mother is trapped, unable to return to the sky like she hopes. Not aware that leaving the Earth is no longer an option for her, she keeps killing generation after generation of life for failing her wish, which leaves only one other option: give her, the mother of all life on Earth, a Mercy Kill.
    • Also, consider it from her point of view. it overlaps with Nightmare Fuel when you are basically a demon hiding in the guise of a weak puny human who is killing all of her children and she is next.
  • Lemeza's backstory in general. His father abandoned him as a little kid to further his career, when he grew up and got into the same field Shawn keeps poaching his research, up to and including the Treasure of Life, and if you take La-Mulana 2's known backstory into account, the rest of humanity only knows that he destroyed a world heritage site, not that he saved the species by doing so, and he's a wanted criminal. The guy just can't catch a break, can he?