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Trivia: Hello! Project
  • He Also Did: Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago of W set the world record for the largest hula hoop spun in 2004 until Ashrita Furman broke it in 2005.
  • Hey, It's That Girl!: Toku fans might know Erina Mano better as Kamen Rider Nadeshiko nowadays.
  • No Export for You: Morning Musume's "Love Machine."
    • Only the most recent albums by Morning Musume are available on iTunes outside of Japan, some (mainly defunct) groups are entirely absent. Sometime in April 2012, the UK iTunes store started selling all of Morning Musume's albums the 10 year anniversary groups E Ps and some Ongaku Gatas E Ps.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Niigaki Risa was a fan of Morning Musume before she joined the group. She has frequently been described by fans as being the member who seems to "get into" live performances the most.
    • Sayashi Riho had admired Morning Musume ever since Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ (2003), and joining the group had been her goal ever since.
    • Ikuta Erina became a big fan of Niigaki Risa once she joined Morning Musume, and after the latter's graduation, she got to change her member color from Purple to Light Green, Niigaki's color in the group.
    • Meimi Tamura was a fan of S/mileage before she became part of the group.
  • Several members of AKB48 have auditioned to be in Morning Musume, but didn't make the cut. Yuki Kashiwagi and Ayaka Umeda were some of the auditionees.

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