Awesome / Hello! Project

  • Ishikawa Rika once broke 12 concrete tiles with her bare hands, though they were designed to break the presenter stated it still required a good deal of strength to do.
  • Morning Musume winning the JRA (Japan's version of the Grammy or a Brit award) for Best New Artist.
  • Allegedly the Yakuza got a secret camera into the girls' changing room at Up-Front Agency's HQ and tried to blackmail UFA by threatening to release the footage if they didn't pay up. UFA responded by telling them to get lost and made the music video for The Peace.
  • During Sayumi Michishige's graduation concert, she slipped and sprained her ankle badly during their performance of "Renai Hunter", but despite it all she soldiered through the pain with a smile on her face.
    • Also, the following Fukumura Dash, when Mizuki ran down the catwalk so she could sing "Suki da na Kimi ga" beside Sayumi for the last time.