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YMMV: Hello! Project
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Western fans of H!P will sometimes declare that Coconuts Musume was the worst group ever in the history of Hello! Project, whereas everyone else cares just as much about Coconuts as they do any other defunct H!P group.
  • Base Breaker: Coconuts Musume is this for many western H!P fans. Mika and Ayaka are usually forgiven (the first being half Japanese and the latter fully Japanese), Danielle specifically gets the most flack despite not actually being the worst at speaking Japanese.
  • Contractual Purity: Many H!P members have been fired for such things as underage smoking or being seen with a boyfriend.
  • Ear Worm: A LOT, but especially Koharu's stuff.
    • Mini Moni had some really catchy songs.
      • Well everyone in H!P sings so...
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Chisato Okai was a Lesser Star in C-ute, but after uploading dance videos on YouTube, her popularity skyrocketed to the point where she's promoted to a main singer behing Maimi and Airi.
  • Fan Nickname: Nearly everyone. They also have fan ASCII faces.
  • Face of the Band: EVERY group, but in the more extreme cases:
    • Morning Musume: Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina, and before, Abe Natsumi.
    • Berryz Koubou: Sugaya Risako
    • C-ute: Suzuki Airi and Yajima Maimi
    • S/mileage: Maeda Yuuka, and after her graduation, they're focusing in Fukuda Kanon and Tamura Meimi.
    • Mini Moni mostly focused on Hawaiian born Half Australian Half Japanese Mika Todd in interviews.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Any joke about Iida Kaori regarding Motherhood or Childbirth. Especially appearances when she was actually pregnant. Other references that aren't meant to be funny are Harsher in Hindsight.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Suzuki Kanon has gotten a lot of flack for being slightly larger than the other girls in Morning Musume. Yeah, this is fat.
  • Les Yay: GAM's PV for Melodies basically operates on the premise of Girl-on-Girl Is Hot, obviously also qualifies as Ship Tease for Matsuura Aya and Fujimoto Miki.
    • Apprently former Morning Musume member Junjun really likes Berryz Koubou captain Shimizu Saki.
    Kamei Eri: Those two have a bit of a suspicious relationship.
    • On that note, Erina Ikuta's almost over-the-top adoration of Risa Niigaki seems a little too suspect...
  • Memetic Mutation: The infamous Dramatic Chipmunk originated from a Hello! Morning segment featuring Mini Moni (with the "chipmunk" actually being a prairie dog).
  • The Scrappy: Michishige Sayumi was not well liked when she first joined Morning Musume, as her singing and dancing were decidedly sub-par and many found her narcissistic "cutest MM member" gimmick obnoxious. History would repeat itself a few years later, with the arrival of Kusumi Koharu. However, as both have grown as performers and eventually endeared themselves to a large portion of the fanbase, they can be said to have been Rescued from the Scrappy Heap; Sayumi won a lot of people over just by deliberately overplaying her Kawaiiko and It's All About Me tendencies to the point of comedy. That said, when discussing the single Resonant Blue, Sayumi lampshaded her role in the group: "I always get the 'Ah!' and 'Uh!' lines. I want to sing some actual Japanese words for a change!" Sure enough, come the single Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai, one of her (few) lines was an "Ah!".
    • Most recently, Mitsui Aika. Tsunku likes her though.
    • Sayashi Riho is starting to get this now as some fans are starting to accuse her of being the Spotlight-Stealing Squad.
  • Shipping: Seems to revolve around 4th Generation member and resident Tomboy Yoshizawa Hitomi being paired up with more girly members like Ishikawa Rika and Ogawa Makoto. Though H!P Fandom does get passionate Die for Our Ship is never invoked and even Ship-to-Ship Combat is rare.
  • Special Effect Failure: Some PVs.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The verses of Buono!'s "Internet Cupid" resemble the Super Mario Bros. theme song.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Fans are naturally vocally upset whenever a member joins or leaves, which is very common. However, while the other main groups have a stable line-up, the biggest backlash of this occured with Morning Musume after the 9th generation's inclusion into the group and the subsequent departures of Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, and Reina Tanaka, which left Sayumi Michishige as the only recognizable member for fans who have kept up with Morning Musume since 2002. Up-Front Works has even recognized Morning Musume's waning popularity and have made several attempts to market the group's changes as a rebirth, including rebranding the group as "Morning Musume '14."
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Some of the things the girls have to wear. Seriously. I don't even...
  • The Woobie: Iida Kaori and Yasuda Kei were pretty much The Chew Toy for the hosts of Utaban who actually Would Hit a Girl, especially Iida, although they never really hurt her (physically anyway), and it's always played for laughs.
    • Yaguchi Mari has a history of being mercilessly teased on shows like Utaban and HeyHeyHey!
    • Occasionally invoked for Kago Ai due to her going through a Break the Cutie.
  • Yoko Oh No: Often occurs whenever any of the girls are caught dating on tabloids. Of note, this was one of the reasons why Ai Kago was kicked out of Hello! Project. Fans also suspect this could have been the reason why Megumi Murakami and Kanna Arihara left C-ute, as both have been photographed with a boy before their departure from the group. Rumors say that when Arihara made tabloids dating Johnny's Jr. Ryosuke Hashimoto, many fans refused to shake her hand at C-ute's subsequent fanmeet.
    • Probably one of the stupidest fan reactions of this type happened when Sakura Oda and Kanon Suzuki spotted two boys — both dancers popular on Niconico, and both big H!P fans — in the crowd at Reina Tanaka's graduation concert and sounded excited about it. Immediately, fanboys cried foul and assumed that they were dating.

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