Trivia / GeGeGe no Kitaro

  • Author Existence Failure: On November 30, 2015, Kitaro creator Shigeru Mizuki passed away due to heart failure.
  • Dawson Casting: The most recent live-action movie went out of its way to simulate the look of the 1980s anime version, except that Kitaro and Neko-Musume were played by adults. This was "justified" in-story as them having hit puberty without the older yōkai having noticed, but the actors were still clearly older than the age their characters were.
  • Name's the Same: Partially averted. Well-known New Age musician Kitaro took that stage name in honor of this manga, but written with different kanji.
  • No Export for You: Almost none of the manga has been translated into English. This is beginning to change; partly thanks to scanlations, and partly because in the summer of 2013 an official English translation was finally released by Drawn & Quarterly, though it's only one volume of carefully selected stories.
    • Weirdly, the sake brand of it can be easier to find than the original manga in the United States; it tends to show up in places with a larger East Asian alcohol selection.
      • Averted with the first live action movie as it was not only brought to America, but with an English dub supplied by the voice actors from Funimation, such as Monica Rial as Neko Musume. However, as of this writing, the second live action movie has not been brought to America nor dubbed.