Awesome / GeGeGe no Kitaro

A story that details a boy's fights against many Yokai.
  • In the 2008 movie, for what is probably the first time since the older series, Nezumi Otoko does not betray Kitaro! He instead double-crosses the villains and saves the heroes when almost all hope is lost.

2018 series

  • Episode 1: Mana helping Kitaro defeat Nobiagari.
  • Episode 2: Neko Musume literally letting her claws out on Miage-Nyudo, followed by Kitarō pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment after being sucked into the Spirit World.
    • Mana saving Kitaro and Neko Musume by shouting to Miage-Nyūdō that she's "seen through him", which happens to be his weakness.
  • Episode 3: Kitarō, Neko Musume, and their friends banding together to rescue Mana after she and other children through the city have been kidnapped by three rogue Yōkai attempt to recreate the Yōkai Castle to exterminate humankind for their arrogance.
    • Kitarō calling the Yōkai out on their hypocrisy. He acknowledges humans being flawed for not fearing Yōkai as they used to years ago and for having become arrogant, but these Yōkai have become worse for assuming one race and only one should be the only one allowed to exist.
    Kitaro: I hate those who can't accept others that are different!